Please Help! Whats the best 40/42 inch TV?

  Skip04 22:02 04 Jan 2008

Hi there,

I'm looking to buy a 40/42 inch LCD or Plasma TV and have a budget of around £1,000 (slightly more if need be). I require a TV that brings out the best picture for sport and movies. I've been advised that I need a TV that is 1080p Full HD and 100mhz (although friends have advised their set is fine at 50mhz to watch the footie). My preference is Sony, Samsung and Panasonic but with so many models to choose from, I’m finding buying a new TV very difficult. The Samsung LE40N87 LCD looks a good buy at £799 but not sure if its 100mhz. Be grateful for some advice and recommended models. Many thanks.

  Stuartli 00:12 05 Jan 2008

Panasonic, followed by Sony and Samsung.

This applies in the case of Panasonic with either LCD or plasma sets.

  martd77 09:57 05 Jan 2008

panasonic,sony then samsung,you cannot beat the quality on panasonic especially the plasma

  Stuartli 10:54 05 Jan 2008

I watch several Panasonic 32in, 42in and the latest 50in LCD and plasma sets regularly during the week.

None display any problems with Sky's HD transmissions and all have a superb display and above average sound.

  anchor 15:33 05 Jan 2008

Pioneer plasma TV`s have excellent reviews but are VERY much more expensive than their Panasonic equivalents. In the case of the 42" it is getting on for double the price.

To be honest having compared both side by side, I cannot see any noticeable difference, either on HD or ordinary TV transmissions. However, in then end it depends on ones budget.

  martd77 15:52 05 Jan 2008

before i bought my panasonic i did some hefty research cos there were lots of rumours about screen burn,running in panel times etc it is hard to gauge how good or poor each set is in a shop environment because they are not set up correctly so you can never discount or indeed buy under those conditions.Ive seen quality sony bravia tvs in big electrical shops that would put anyone off buying one.
Its personal choice but if you take a look here
click here?
ad advised by Beta you will see the common problems associated with most of the tvs.
I decided on the panasonic despite the word "samsung" everywhere and im glad i did,i have not seen any tv in anyones house that rivals my picture quality,the only one that comes near is a toshiba 40 lcd
Its personal choice,another thing you must consider is what will you be viewing on the tv?
To view a quality picture on freeview you must have a good aerial,but sky is phenomenally good on my panasonic
Personal choice and do some research
good luck

  Ex plorer 16:28 05 Jan 2008

Try Before You Buy.

Hi You may pay a bit more from a local shop of quality products but my parents are about to buy a digital TV.
They are asking the shop to bring out 3 or 4 to choose from.
They know what they want in appearance of a TV a black surround and second ease of use, then they will chose what they like in picture and sound quality. I suppose when you are 80+ that's what comes first.
Its a family buisnes and 50 mile round trip from the shop but they don't mind.
You allso get a better after sales in most cases.

  Stuartli 17:54 05 Jan 2008

If that is true it is customer service way, way beyond the call of duty..:-)

  al7478 20:07 06 Jan 2008

Your judder point is also just opinion. Theres lots on this in the forums of a certain HiFi mag (What mag it is im not sure if id be aloud to say. Diferent publishing company i think. But you have probably spotted the clue)and many, proffessional reviewers included, would disagree that theres any dgradation in picture.

  al7478 20:10 06 Jan 2008

and i must reiterate the point made by others that Pioneer do sem very highly regarded too, tho they can be very pricey.

  al7478 23:56 06 Jan 2008

haha. hehe. "straight to video". dead-pan face "smiley" here.

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