pinnacle studio 8 rendering problem

  wolfie3000 22:30 02 Aug 2006

Iv been using a mates pinnacle studio 8 and am having problems rendering video on it.

The original video uses the fraps codec but when i try to render the video using other codecs such as mpeg avi and such the finished video is blocky iv set the frame rate to 25 fps and the video quality to maximum but still no joy its still blocky.

Any ideas?

  David4637 16:38 03 Aug 2006

I would say upgrade to version 943, in most cases (sometimes you get a freeze and sometimes "lip sync" after render) but its 80% good. David

  wolfie3000 18:01 03 Aug 2006

well all i want to do is render the video thats it there must be a way?

  De Marcus™ 21:32 03 Aug 2006

I'm not sure I fully understand wolfie, what are you trying to render? A video clip shouldn't need rendering, do you mean convert? If so what is your preffered output format?

Also, why can't you use the ulead software you bought not so long back? (you can probably guess I'm not a Finnacle fan)

  wolfie3000 23:19 03 Aug 2006

I aint a pinnacle fan either but there are somethings on it like some effects that i want in this film,

"what is your preffered output format?"

You hit the nail on the haed with that one,
I am trying to "render" or convert this film im making thats the whole problem,

Everytime i try to save the clips iv sewn together to make the film the output film is blocky my original question is what format or what codec do i use in order to keep the film at a high resalution?

  De Marcus™ 23:30 03 Aug 2006

Judging by your past posts I'm going to assume the end product is to be displayed on the web, therefore file size should be at a minimum whilst quality as you say should be kept high, therefore you need to decide whether you want fast downloading low quality video or long downloading high quality video.

If this isn't for the web just dismiss my comments and state what your outputting for?

P.s. There's nothing in Finnacle that isn't available elsewhere, what effect are you looking for? (Please don't say transition ;-)

  wolfie3000 23:33 03 Aug 2006

lol i was about to use the word transition,

But the wipes in pinnacle are what im after and the video will be uploaded to google video but also i want a high res copy of it too.

  De Marcus™ 23:43 03 Aug 2006

I knew you were going to say transition, sounds like premonition, you see? ;-)))

Anyway, whilst what your after is easily obtainable, I need to stir the grey matter up, it's late and I'm tired.

I'll see what I've got in terms of freeware to do what you want, but what would really help is if you describe the transition effect you want in particular.


The best transitions are those that happen instantly, i.e. from one shot to another, no wipe, glide, expanding star rubbish, etc, consider that, it looks more professional.

  De Marcus™ 23:44 03 Aug 2006

Also the original file format and intended file format would help ;-)

  wolfie3000 23:45 03 Aug 2006

i know what you mean but there are a few transitions that i specificaly want for this film.

Thanks for your help also DE Marcus

  wolfie3000 23:46 03 Aug 2006

Original file format is AVI using the fraps codec and the out put i dont mind as long as it doesnt compress the film so that it looks horrid and blocky as im getting at the moment.

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