PICVideos across top of video.. how to remove?

  mermaid25 15:20 30 Apr 2006

my husband takes video clips on his digital camera and when he views them on the pc, they have 'PICVideos' splashed across the top and 'click here' on the bottom.
Is there any way to remove these from the clip?

Many thanks :0)

  Arnie 15:47 30 Apr 2006

Have you installed some extra software other than the camera's basic drivers?

Who manufactured the camera?

  GroupFC 18:12 30 Apr 2006

You often get splash screens or watermarks or something similar when you use a trial version of video software (for example when testing it prior to purchase).

How are you capturing the video? (in addition to Arnie's questions!).

"PICVideo" seems to be a codec of Pegasus
Imaging Corporation click here and that seems to be borne out by the "click here" in your original post.

A bit more info. may help us to help you!

  Arnie 18:43 30 Apr 2006

"You often get splash screens or watermarks or something similar".....Hubby has probably installed a trial version of PIC's.

If he is happy with the software the interfering screens will disappear when he pays for it.

  mermaid25 19:49 30 Apr 2006

thanks guys for your response,....

capturing the video is just by using the video option on the cmera

no other software has been installed and the camera is Fuji finepix E550

He said that the same words appear whatever you open the file with, eg real player, windows media player etc.

  GroupFC 23:35 30 Apr 2006

Ok first things first - this would appear to be a digital camera with movie mode - is this the camera
click here.?

"capturing the video is just by using the video option on the cmera" - I think you may have misunderstood my question as your answer seems to be how you record the "video" to camera (unless I have misunderstood - which is infinitely possible!). What I meant was how is he getting the raw footage off the memory card in the camera to the hard disk of the PC? In other words, how did he get the file off the camera onto the HD in order to be able to open it with Media Player or similar? It might also help to know what the file format is (eg .mpg, .mov, .avi)? When did you get the camera and what software came with it?

This usually involves plugging the camera into the PC and using "capture" software to get the video. For example, if the operating system is XP, one could use Windows MovieMaker to "capture" the raw footage to the HD. Aternatively, one could use other software for the same purpose.

I am sorry that there are more questions, but I am convinced that this problem is capture software related (although I have been known to be wrong before!).

If you think it would help us tell us step by step, what actions your hubby is doing after he has the film on camera.

I'm off to my bed now, but I'll obviously look in tomorrow if I get a chance to see how this thread is going!

  Arnie 00:00 01 May 2006

should have come with the camera.

Why not browse the CD to find out what movie editing software is supplied if any.

If you cannot resolve the problem telephone support is available from Fuji between. 09:00 to 17:00 on 0870 084 1310

click here

  mermaid25 17:30 01 May 2006

you guys were up late!!

thanks for your responses.

Spent all afternoon looking for software cd but can't find it.

Husband has got finepix viewer that he used when he first got the camera (yes it is the one you suggested,GroupFC.)...but He said that was too complicated, so now this is what he does:

connect camera to pc
switch on camera..
click on 'my computer'..
click on 'fuji' icon (this appears under 'devices with removeble storage;)..
click on file shown (usually something like'fuji 100), rename it with something appropriate,
then drag file to 'my pictures'..
open 'my pictures'..
find the video and it already has the logo on it

Also the file format is AVI

thanks again

  remind 18:23 01 May 2006

The problem is the PICVideo `codec` - "unregistered copies of PICVideo will permanently watermark videos compressed and saved with this codec" - click here

Perhaps you need to register the software or pay for a license.

  Arnie 18:57 01 May 2006

"connect camera to pc
switch on camera.." etc.

Unless you need all the extras that come with most CDs you only need the camera's generic drivers.
Your husband is doing exactly as I do with my Canon camera.

remind has hit the nail on the head. You must have the PICVideo `codec` software still running on your computer.

Have you looked at your program list. Click on Start> All Programs. Look for PICVideo, if it is listed there may be an uninstaller shown within the drop down boxes.

Failing that, see if it is in Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.

Other than that you may have to remove it from the Registry. If you are not au fait with the Registry it is best left alone.

The last resort is to ask Pegasus Imaging for help.

Hope these ideas help.


  mermaid25 20:16 01 May 2006

thank you GroupFC,Arnie and remind, for your help.
first I went to click here and looked for PICVideos FAQ.

followed the instructions,(which were the same as Arnie's) and then refreshed the thumbnails and....
voila! the watermark disappeared before my very eyes!!

Thanks again.

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