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  gerriecah 13:28 31 Jan 2007

I have a Kodak C330 Zoom Digital Camera and connects to computer via USB socket. Using Kodak's Easy Share program pics download easily, but I have also PSP Photo Album and Photoshop Album installed on the computer and neither of the two will connect to the camera. Can anyone suggest a remedy, as I would like to use either of them to handle my photos ???

My system is Win 2K

Gerrie C.

  jack 14:02 31 Jan 2007

There is a general piece of advice - that is
'Don't use the software the comes with a camera, let Windows do it all.
This is very sound, as you have discovered such software is very limited in what it can do, and will file images in some esoteric location not easily found by other applications.
So unload that software.
Windows will find the camera in 'My Computer' as
another drive.
Then you can direct the the images to where ever you wish-usually My Documents/My Pictures.
Then your alternative software will find them

  Pamy 17:16 31 Jan 2007

Once the pictures are on your computer, you can open PSP or Photoshop, go to File and brows to your picture, load it, and manipulate it as you will. You do not have to use any particular software to get the picture on your HDD.

  gerriecah 20:04 31 Jan 2007


Thanks for your response, you express my feelings re the software provided by Kodak. Will try as you advise.

Thanks for your response, yes I can do that but I wanted to use PSP or Photoshop directly to download as they are designed to do, but for some reason they do not connect to the camera. But will just try out Jack's suggestion and yours. Messy but necessary.

Thank You Both for your help


Gerrie C.

  jack 09:28 01 Feb 2007

You may of course have images in the computer in that 'Cameras Secret Place'
The quickest way to locate these is to do this
Start/Search and on the filed type the following
*[symbol over fig 8]dot jpg. it looks like this


Click search- and every jpg image on your machine will come up no matter where it is.
Click select all /copy then go to a folder you have selected and paste - and they will be where you can find them.

  gerriecah 14:18 01 Feb 2007

Jack ---- Sorry to say, but this is not working.
Plugging the camera lead into the USB socket gets no response from the computer, it does not give any indication of the camera at all. The USB is working OK because when I insert my "Pen" drive it shows up as drive "K" but the camera does not respond at all, yet when I plug it in the Kodak software recognises it and responds.

Many thanks for your response


Gerrie C.

  Pamy 14:51 01 Feb 2007

You have to have the camera drivers loaded

  jack 14:53 01 Feb 2007

The USB is working OK because when I insert my "Pen" drive it shows up as drive "K" but the camera does not respond at all, yet when I plug it in the Kodak software recognises it and responds.

This is correct.
As long as the camera software is in place that is what will happen.
Go to Control Panel/Add or Remove software and delete the Kodak software.
Then try.
If you are still in trouble you can always reload it.
The Jpg finder does work however and when found you can put them into a folder that PSP will find.

  Pamy 15:03 01 Feb 2007

you should be able to disable the Kodak software at startup forcing windows to ask you what you want to do. ie, download pictures with Microsoft picture and scanner whizard etc.

  gerriecah 16:57 01 Feb 2007

Jack & pamy ---- Many thanks for your responses, but neither way is a success.

Kodak software removed --- used Control Panel > search for new hardware > New Hardware "Zoom C330 Camera" found > install driver? Windows disc inserted into CD-Rom > instigate search > Answer "Unable to find suitable driver". Inserted Kodak CD and tried again, got the same answer. "No suitable Driver available" Seems like Kodak have got it sown up.

The Search for *.jpg I had already used and allocated my Camera pics to a new folder. But the search did turn up 1032 other .jpg files. Mostly old rubbish, now gone.

But as far as Kodak program hiding the downloaded files this is not a problem, this is allocatable, the problem is the Kodak software itself, it is trash.

So it appears that at present I will have to dowmnload via Kodak and transfer to Photoshop. Maybe somewhere I can get a Windows driver that will succeed

My thanks for your assistance in this matter

Gerrie C.

  gerriecah 18:16 01 Feb 2007

Jack & pamy ---- Problem overcome.

I inserted the Kodak CD and refused the auto instal and selected the advanced instal. This gave me the selection of installing the camera software, and 6&8 cardreader software. These I selected and after a reboot I have the Camera icon showing and can download the pics when the camera is connected, via USB, and switched on. Not ideal as the Photo and PSP programs still do not recognise that the camera is connected. Pic files have to be transferred manually and with jpg that creates some loss.

Once more, many thanks for your assistance.


Gerrie C.

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