Picture this - Cat in a Basket

  Graham. 16:43 30 Sep 2007

I have a photo of a cat and a photo of a basket. I can cut out the cat using PictureIt, but it leaves a white background.

How do I make the background transparent?

  john bunyan 18:07 30 Sep 2007

Just "copy" the cat and "paste" it into the basket, leaving the white behind. (I only know Photoshop, but hope Pictureit works in a similar way). You should be able to move the cat around in the basket on a seperate layer, till you are happy.

  Graham. 19:29 30 Sep 2007

I can cut the cat out of its existing background, but it then has a white background instead. When I put it in the basket, it has a white rectangle round it. Not what I had in mind.

  cycoze 19:53 30 Sep 2007

I have no knowledge of PictureIt either, however most image editors have pretty much the same tools.

After you cut the cat out, you either need to save it minus the background as a working file or a gif, if you save it as a jpg it will automatically gain a background.

If you keep the cut out cat in the program without saving it you can then copy it and paste it into a new layer as john bunyan stated.

  shizzy 22:12 30 Sep 2007

If you get your cat picture up in Picture It and then click on crop, another list opens and if you click on create a cutout you will be able to outline your cat without any white background. It does take a bit of practice to get it right. You can also do it in Serif and there it is called extract.

  esbe 23:15 30 Sep 2007

Another way.
I'm using Picture it 2001.

Open the Basket pic > choose 'add something', & get your Cat pic > drag 'Cat' pic into main 'basket' pic.

Choose 'Cutout & Pictures' > 'Create a cutout' use 'edge finder'option (really easy) or whatever you fancy.

Once you've created the cutout,follow prompts & click on the option 'Leave in original picture'

Click on 'cat' pic inside the main picture & drag the cutout to another part of the 'Basket pic.

Then click on the original remaining 'Cat' pic & delete.
You can then move/resize etc the 'cat' cutout.

When you've done - choose 'save as'

Sounds complicated but it's not.


  john bunyan 23:50 30 Sep 2007

Graham.Go to white bit, use Magic wand or equavalent to elect the white bit, then select inverse to select only the cat, then coyy and paste into basket. Otherwise try erasing the white bits of the pasted rectangle after pasting - if its a layer it should reveal basket as you erase it.

  Graham. 08:26 01 Oct 2007

I think cycoze may have come up with the solution. I had been saving the cat as a jpg, then inserting in the basket as a seperate operation.

I will try and do it all in one operation.

  Graham. 17:17 01 Oct 2007

To see the finished article, click here

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