"photo+video to dvd" program with true ws support?

  theDarkness 18:40 31 Aug 2010

I have just tried Corel MovieFactory 7, it can convert a wide range of videos and photographs to dvd, and allow me to also create a menu. It supports 16:9 widescreen tvs, but it has one flaw - on the ws tv, there are huge black borders surrounding the entire screen at all times-both with the menu you create, AND as you watch your video or photo gallery!

So I am wondering if there is a more up to date, TRUE widescreen 'photo and video to dvd" tool out there, that, like corel, also gives me the choice to create my own menus, and add audio to both the menus and photo galleries I create within it-without that nasty large black border appearing on a widescreen tv?

thanks for any help

  john bunyan 19:52 31 Aug 2010

I have Roxio Creator 2010. I use it for data discs, and music. It does have a lot of other functions including converting from one video format to another etc. It may be worth looking at the specification via Google or Roxio.

  Kevscar1 07:03 01 Sep 2010

Unless you took the video,s photos in Widescreen mode you either put up with the black lines or you get a stretched/distorted playback.

  theDarkness 00:03 09 Sep 2010

I found out my problem was with the dvd player, it was not set up correctly, it was a cabling issue! I took the freeview box out, and only the dvd player in, and everything was ok-very odd, as commercial movies would work fine and not require such a correction :O *confused*! lol

  CKHSJ 08:06 09 Sep 2010

Your problem is very common, there are so many video converters, they both said that they can convert powerfully and fastly, but only a few of them can work as they advertised, you should firstly find some free video converter to have a try, cuz even it is not useful, it will not cost your money.

Good luck.

  theDarkness 00:08 15 Sep 2010

Ive also noticed that some widescreen tvs are (by default after purchase) set to "auto" instead of 16:9 for their screen mode. they show freeview fine for widescreen and fullscreen content in auto mode, but this causes my widescreen dvds to show incorrectly unless I change the tv to its 16:9 mode manually. slightly annoying, especially if Im creating photo dvds for relations that may not realise that they would need to change their tv to this 16:9 mode in order to see it correctly.

thanks to everyone for all the help

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