Photoshop Elements 8 Organiser Will it mess up my folder system?

  Border View 11:00 11 Mar 2014

I have installed Photoshop Element 8 and have only ever used the Edit part of this software. The reason for this is I have a considerable number of photographs in my Pictures Library (Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit)and have these photos in specific folders and sub-folders.

Question - if I start using Organiser in PSE8 will the software re-arrange all my photos to where it thinks they should be.

Your advice in this respect would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  Border View 13:55 11 Mar 2014

Answer is no. Off to work my way through tutorials for this software. Whole new ballgame this.

  john bunyan 17:09 11 Mar 2014

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I have Photoshop CS5, and Bridge. I also use Windows Explorer for creating files and folders. All bridge does is to show metadata for photos, and allows you to change the orientation - I like to keep .jpegs at 300dpi, landscape, size 19 x 14.5 cm so I can print 2 to an A4 Page. It is much easier to see photos in the files, but does not interfere with Windows Explorer unless you deliberately move photos. I imagine PS 8 is similar.

  Border View 00:25 12 Mar 2014

john bunyan

Many thanks for coming back to me. I have had photoshop elements 8 for a while but without tutorials only got as far as Edit > auto levels and or crop. I have Photoshop 7 on my old laptop and bought tutorials for that a while ago. Hence I knew about cut and crop and auto levels.

I've started to work my way through "Infinite Skills a video training DVD by Neil Oliver - Photoshop Elements 8 for Windows". Just scraped the surface so far, but am enjoying it. Found "Oranise" which I think is similar to Bridge. Have learned how to import into a catalogue on PSE where I can work on my photos.

My Canon MX925 will scan at 300 or 600dpi. I have a stock of 6x4 glossy paper so think I shall follow those measurements.

Again, thank you for the trouble of answering my posting.

  BT 08:19 12 Mar 2014

Digital photo Magazine have a load of tutorial videos online for Photoshop, and the CD that comes each month with the magazine has lots of the same.

Photo Answers Videos

  BT 08:21 12 Mar 2014

Digital photo Magazine have a load of tutorial videos online for Photoshop, and the CD that comes each month with the magazine has lots of the same.

Photo Answers Videos

  john bunyan 10:36 12 Mar 2014

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Here is not the place for a full tutorial, but for "normal" holiday style photos as above, I have a "Blank" document, A4 size, 300 dpi. Then I go to the (2) photos I want to print, and on each at a time "select", "all" "edit", "Copy". Then go to blank, and "edit", "Paste", move the layer, as it will be called, to the bottom of the page. Do the same for the second and move it to the top, then (in Portrait style) you can print 2 to a sheet of a4 paper. For "good" pictures I save in A4 size. In fact I print few, as for snapshots I reload corrected images to a SD card and print them at the local ASDA!

  Border View 15:15 12 Mar 2014

BT and john bunyan - thank you for this information. I have acquired a used copy of Teach Yourself Visually Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 Mike Woolridge off Amazon. Its in good condition and cost £0.01 plus £2.80 postage. To think that six years or so ago I spent £23 on a similar book for Photoshop 7.

With this latest book (topped up by DVD video training)I am able to get my head around the basics. I'm just finding out what I have been missing. Have to take it in small steps otherwise my brain stops working.

Thank you again. I've book marked that web site BT and will return to it.

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