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  MrNewName 17:39 16 Dec 2009

Anyone know much about panoramic software? I have created on using Hugin but it hasn't come out as I wanted: click here

Any suggestions please?

  hssutton 18:40 16 Dec 2009

Have a look at this one click here. Or if you know of any Canon users they could supply you with "Photostitch" this is available as a free download to Canon users.

On your sample picture are you concerned about the misalignment or the curvature/distortion?

A lot of the cheap/freeware pano software do have problems with the correction of verticals. This is relatively easy to correct in such as Photoshop or Corel Digital Studio 2010. A good cheap way to obtain this software, is to enter a good winter photo in the PCA winter competition:)

I have corrected the vertical and and cloned out the misalignment and also reduced the blue a touch.

I will place the photo on Adobe Photo Express for a couple of days so that you can check it out.

click here

  MrNewName 22:32 16 Dec 2009

You've done a good job on that :)

As you say, there is a big problem with verticals but someone suggested to me that I should use a longer focal length to avoid the original distortion; this was taken on 20mm at f5.6.

I'll try PixMaker and see how I get on with it.

Many thanks,


  hssutton 10:32 17 Dec 2009

Yes a longer focal length will help with the vertical, but you would finish up with more images to stitch for the same scene.

The correction of vertical distortion is very easy assuming you have suitable software, Maybe Irfanview would be ok. This is a freeware program, so no problem checking it out.

  anchor 12:58 17 Dec 2009

I have been making panoramas for some years, and have used various programmes. None are perfect for every panorama picture, but I usually find one that works fine.

Here is a selection taken in France this summer:

click here

I would suggest that you don`t use such a short focal length. It does not matter if you end up with more images, the programme will cope with them. I never go lower than 35mm.

A free one for you to try is Microsoft Image Composite editor, and it works quite well. Google for the link.

  ventanas 13:58 17 Dec 2009

Ideally, but not essentially, you would use a panoramic head on your tripod, the Panosaurus is probably the cheapest click here but they do go much more expensive.

Now that Stitcher is owned by Autodesk with a ridiculous price I cannot really recommend a good program to join images together, so I suggest you look at those already mentioned.

  anchor 15:23 17 Dec 2009

Of course a panoramic head would be ideal but impractical for me. I take my panoramas whenever the occasion arises, and don`t wish to carry a heavy tripod. I have taken lots and lots, always hand held. I take great care to keep the camera as level as possible, and allow about a 25%-30% overlap.

Some programmes you might consider; Pixmaker, PhotoVista, Arcosoft Panorama Maker, and Autostitch. The first two enable you to make a moving panorama, (up to 360°), using a Java applet; for example:

click here

I have not tried Hugin yet, but look forward to evaluating it.

  100andthirty 19:57 17 Dec 2009

free panorama software from Microsoft - no bells or whistles but free

click here

  anchor 08:52 18 Dec 2009

100andthirty: This is the free Microsoft Image Composite editor as I suggested above. Your link seems to be down; but this one works, (at the moment).

click here

  MrNewName 11:51 18 Dec 2009

Thanks for the suggestions for MS ICE - seems to do a good job: click here

  anchor 14:16 18 Dec 2009

Well done. I have taken the liberty of making a slight change, and converting it to a moving panorama for you to judge the effect.

click here

Remember to adjust the output settings sufficiently high to get good results.

Why not give Autostitch a try too, its free;

I am sure you will great pleasure making panoramas.

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