Photographers' rights

  exdragon 18:25 17 Apr 2008

Does anyone know of a definitive guide to photographers' rights in the UK?

I've googled it, but there is a selection of articles. I thought it might be a good idea to download the most 'correct' one to keep handy in my camera bag just in case I ever needed it.

  MAT ALAN 18:48 17 Apr 2008

click here

probably all you will need...

  exdragon 18:57 17 Apr 2008

MAT ALAN - thanks, this is the one I found, but it lead me to wonder if there was anything later. This is dated 2004.

Mind you,I guess if I produced it if I was stopped in public, it may give someone something to read!!

Obviously, I don't take pictures of MOD buildings etc, but in our camera club recently, an 85 year old was stopped from taking night pictures on a long exposure of a roundabout. There was no way you could have identified anyone, let alone a child, which was the accusation.

  MAT ALAN 18:59 17 Apr 2008

the date shown is when the forum started, the website itself is bang up to date...

  MAT ALAN 19:06 17 Apr 2008

there is are a huge amount of issues relative to what you think is an innocent photo, especially where children are involved.
I used to coach rugby union at age group levels, part of the training is related to child protection.
having watched a parent at one particular game take action photos of his lad playing another member of the public watching practically accused this person of being a paedophile and insisted they stop taking photo's that might contain some of his son.
i found this truly disturbing, not so many years ago they would have asked for a copy or "hey did ya get a good shot" How times have changed...

  BT 08:32 18 Apr 2008

They are talking about this on BBC Breakfast this morning. The essence of the discussion is that there is no law that prevents you taking photographs in a PUBLIC PLACE, regardless of what over-enthusiastic Police Officers and security staff say.
Police Officers have no right to confiscate your camera,film or memory card unless you have committed an offense, and taking pictures in a Public Place is not an offense.
Be aware however that places like shopping centres are in general not public places, but private property, but they still cannot confiscate your equipment, but they can ask you to stop, or ask you to leave.

  laurie53 08:59 18 Apr 2008

"there is no law that prevents you taking photographs in a PUBLIC PLACE"

However if you are taking such photographs and a hostile crowd gathers the police may well consider you are committing or precipitating a public order offence and detain you for your own protection.

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