Photo printer

  Kenneth-266656 20:47 28 Oct 2005

I use a HP970cxi for my general printing. I find this excellent for general use but not so good for printing out photos - possibly because I use
recycled cartridges (Choice Stationery). I'm thinking of purchasing a photo printer for that use only, preferably USB2 - has anyone ideas on the best buy for around the £60 mark?

  jack 08:21 29 Oct 2005

All the makers do their 'PhotoPrinter' models
I boils down to do you want a dedicated photoprinter that delivers 6x4 prints only from ink jet technology
or similar using dye transfer- giving photo realistic results
Are you looking for inkjet a4/a3 size?
You will have to do some thinking here.
In the inkjet field the PhotoPrinter will run from 6 colour carts -Magenta Light Magenta Cyan Light Cyan
Yellow and Black.
Dye transfer run from special packs -similar to a polaroid camera
Read the PCA reviews and go seem them in the flesh
at your local PC shop.

  Totally-braindead 21:03 29 Oct 2005

The Epson R200 if you can still get one or its replacement the R220 but the 220 hasn't been reviewed yet as far as I know. I've used Choice carts for years and don't find them any worse than the Epson ones so I think its more likely to be the printer rather than the compatible cartridges. Before you spend money have you tried different paper. Choice do a sample pack for about a fiver and you can see and compare what your printer can do.

  Diemmess 09:05 30 Oct 2005

You may eventually choose a "Best Buy" around £60 but the result may not be as good as if you had spent a little more.

You have to choose according to your underlying needs and not by price alone.

The application you are using to "improve" your picture can also be critical as will intelligent use of the printer's own software.

My personal experience with a series of earlier Epson Printers dictated that I found better results from telling it I was using paper - one grade down from the one I posted in the slot! This worked particularly well if I selected "ordinary" paper while using the better "ink jet" paper.

  LastChip 09:37 30 Oct 2005

I bought a Epson Stylus Photo R200 and for the price, it takes a lot of beating.

If you can still get hold of one, you wont go far wrong.

  Kenneth-266656 15:16 30 Oct 2005

Many thanks to you all. I don't print all that many photos,which is why I am loath to spend a large amount on a specialist printer. In response to Diemmess I use Serif Photo plus 8 which I find OK for my moderate needs. On balance I'm going for the R200 or 220.

  AngeTheHippy 08:33 31 Oct 2005

You won't be sorry for gettin an Epson R200. My Epson Photo 870 'died' a couple of months back after 5 years of faithful service. I found the R200 (after reading various reviews)at Currys for £59.95. I'm well happy with the results.


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