Photo files re arrange themselves! XP

  Stressed Mum 19:19 24 Aug 2010

I have just spent many hours rearranging photo files in a folder and renaming them; putting them all in an order that we can understand - and to start with the renamed files said I couldn't - but discovered the hidden file extension was/wasn't ticked. But I now have problems that when closing the folder and reopening it the files have moved again - this is so frustrating. I have tired copying the folder, copying the files onto a cd to send to my mum but again once copied they are all jumbled up. I have tried selecting a different view from the drop down but cannot find the one that keeps them in the order that I have selected.The date order is no good as I have added extras from a folder taken many moons ago and also the modified date is no good as not all have been modified. The files size or same will not work as this is so variable. Anyone got any ideas how I can save the files in the folder the way that I have set them up and copy them onto CD in the same order?

  hssutton 20:11 24 Aug 2010

Number your photos like so 0001-0002 and so on. There is no need to do each one individually have a look here click here

  AroundAgain 20:19 24 Aug 2010

The files in your folders are arranged by how the setting is, ie by Name, Size, Type or Date modified but obviously none of those categories will suit your purpose.

My inclination would be to back again (sorry), as if to rename them but just put consequetive numbers in before your title, ie 1 - Fred on Beach; 2 - Sally in Hotel etc. Then save the 'Arrange icons by - Name'. They will then stay in that given order.

If you have less than 100 files, then I would number them starting at 01, 02 etc, as otherwise '10, 11, 12' will come after 1, 20, 21,22 will come after 2 etc. If you have more than, say, 100 files, then start with 001, 002 etc.

It's going to be a bit tedious, I'm afraid, but numbering will keep them in order.

Hope this helps and that my explanation is understandable.

  Stressed Mum 20:50 24 Aug 2010

Oh golly! I have 536 files in this folder! Either option is going to cause a lot more work - any other ideas? My hubby thinks copying them to a new folder first may solve the problem - what do you think?

  Stressed Mum 21:03 24 Aug 2010

OMG - will learn by this one! I have just copied 4 x 4 at a time to a new folder - and that didn't work - so don't try it anyone. I will have to number them all as suggested and then through the whole lot again to add to the number and re title them - what a big job - specially as I have just renamed them all.... very unhappy :((

  Kevscar1 06:29 25 Aug 2010

Download a program called inrfanview. Under file is Batch Conversion/rename. You can do the whole lot in one go.

  cycoze 09:58 25 Aug 2010

In the folder click on "View" then put your cursor on "arrange Icons by" and un-tick "auto arrange", arrange how you want them, job done.

You can click on "snap to grid" to keep them equi-spaced.

  Stressed Mum 18:07 25 Aug 2010

do you know 0 I actually think this may work! I have tried the other recommendations to no avail - and have just opened the folder again now to try and do some more work - only to find that the files have moved out of order again - so - do I have to put them in order first then untick Auto arrange to keep them in my order?? Thanks.

  Stressed Mum 18:27 25 Aug 2010

..... it didn't work :( Once I closed the folder and reopened it they wee all jumbled up again. I am going to have to number them :((

  cycoze 19:36 25 Aug 2010

First off try changing how the images are "arranged" try changing it to "type" there all probably jpg's so it wont matter, do this as it sounds like they are still being grouped by name, after changing arrange a couple of images then close and re-open the folder to see if it has worked.

Secondly, make sure the auto arrange is still un-ticked, if not then un-tick it, close the folder and re-open it and check that it is still un-ticked, if it is try re-arranging just a couple of images and close again then retry, if it keeps re-ticking itself then there is likely a problem.

  Stressed Mum 20:19 25 Aug 2010

Hi - come to a wall already. I have arranged by type with auto arrange un ticked - but now I can not arrange them. I will have to tick Auto arrange to arrange them?? Once arranged do I then un tick and all being well it should be ok?? I keep undoing all my hard work and getting very frustrated!

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