Phone with SatNav function without 3G service

  frank27 17:19 01 Jan 2011

I'm looking for a PAYG Sim-free phone with GPS that does not need the phone network to function. [I assume the maps would have to be held in memory.]
A camera would be nice as well.
I believe the Mitac Mio A701 used to have just such a spec but is now obsolete.
Can anyone suggest a suitable candidate make / model.

  mark2 09:49 02 Jan 2011

Have a look at the Nokia site, I do know the E71, N95 etc would run Ovi maps, which are free.

  frank27 16:08 02 Jan 2011

Thanks for these suggestions - but looking at the specs for these phones suggests they only have AGPS. I think this means that the user has to have use the 3G service for the SatNav to function.
I think what I'm after is satellite GPS. I want to be able to navigate to a user inputted Lat/Long position.

  frank27 16:08 03 Jan 2011

I looked at the E71 & N95 mentioned by mark2.
I think with AGPS the uuser has to utilise 3G service for the SatNav to function, but I'm not knowledgable on this subject.

  Woolwell 16:22 03 Jan 2011

I think you want to use mapping on a phone off-line and therefore not incur data charges.

With OVI Maps you would have to download the entire click here map to work off-line.

Google maps require you to be on-line.

  Woolwell 16:23 03 Jan 2011

Perhaps it would help if you were to state what you want the satnav for as a standalone satnav may be the best for you.

  mark2 19:50 04 Jan 2011

Both the E71 and N95 with ovi will function without use of the "assisted" 3G function ie offline, simply relying on satellites for positioning.

Memory suggests that the england a wales map is approx 350mb.

I've never used the gps for lat / long co ordinates but without the maps loaded you will be given lat/long position.

  QuizMan 12:44 11 Jan 2011

mark2 is right, but you need to be aware that using the phone's internal GPS without the "assisted" bit is very slow to locate your position.

Also bear in mind that if you do go down that path, you will most likely need to switch off assisted GPS straight away. I seem to remember that my Nokia came with it set to "on" as default.

  karmgord 21:24 29 May 2011

Nokia phones that use ovi maps have the maps downloaded to the phone memory or a memory card.My N8 works perfectly Offline (which you select in settings) but as mentioned it is slow to find initial position.

  HXP 12:05 11 Dec 2011

HTC Desire S - you can trial free navigation software that does need GPRS and if after a month frre trial you decide you want to keep it I think it is £27

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