Philips, Sony or Panasonic LCD TV?

  Daibus 10:35 06 Jun 2008

I know it's a matter of opinion but any preferences of the best LCD TV to buy at the moment out of the latest models to be released?

I've been looking at the Philips 37PFL9603D, Panasonic 37LZ85 and the Sony W4000 series. Also LG TV's seem to give a good picture for a fair price and Samsung TV's seem to be popular as well..

Many thanks for your thoughts.

  Covergirl 12:28 06 Jun 2008

I just found this 40" Sony last week for a friend click here

It's a pretty good price at £700 including 5 year warranty.

Cheap Electricals at Braintree - any good (or bad) experiences as I have no previous dealings with them . . . ?

  Stuartli 14:43 06 Jun 2008

Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Philips and LG in that order.

Samsung and Sony operate a joint LCD panels factory in Korea.

The very latest Panasonic 37in plasma set is now out for a very good price (Panasonic TH-37PX80) - note the 0 on the end as the outgoing model is being sold off.

See, for instance:

click here

  martd77 19:08 06 Jun 2008

I agree with Stuartli in that order

  laurie53 20:36 06 Jun 2008

We've got two Panasonics and two Phillips.

I prefer the Panasonics in nearly all respects.

  Daibus 09:40 07 Jun 2008

Many thanks for your opinions.

I always thought Panasonic sold very good LCD TV's and indeed if you watch many an item on the BBC for example, where a LCD screen is displayed, it always seems to be a Panasonic on show.

The ¨Amberlight¨ system on Philips TV's seems to get some praise and was wondering if this addition can make this TV somewhat of a preference buy and also, is the Panasonic TH-37PX80 that Stuartli mentions a later model than the TX-37LZD85 series?

Cheers again.

  Stuartli 10:38 07 Jun 2008

I presume that the P and L in the model names of the Panasonics you mention represent Plasma and LCD.

A plasma set will normally provide even better displays than an LCD - I watch two 32in Panasonic LCDs and a Panasonic 50in plasma regularly (all positioned within a few yards of each other) and, good though the LCD sets prove, the plasma is significantly superior.

  sunny staines 17:57 09 Jun 2008

i like sony stuff, but the recent range of panasonic beats sony.

  anskyber 19:30 09 Jun 2008

Sony, Panasonic (muddy colours to my eyes) then Philips. Actually Philips has a stunning picture.

  Stuartli 23:40 09 Jun 2008

Perhaps you should have gone to SpecSavers...:-)

Or seen a properly set up Panasonic....


Please have the courtesy to credit me with a little more intelligence than your comments infer (note there is a difference between advise and advice in the context in which you use it).

I don't make it up as I go along; it's based on personal experience of all the makes of televisions I mention in a normal environment, plus seeing them in my best mate's independent audio/video/appliances outlet fed with a proper signal, not a HD DVD demonstration disk.

  martd77 11:40 11 Jun 2008

Viewing a tv in electrical store etc is a no go even a £2000 tv looks abysmal,i saw a 50" pioneer in a shop and it had the worst picture imaginable purely because it wasnt set up properly.
You only get a true picture in a properly set up independent shop and i agree with stuartli.
I have a panasonic 42 sd plasma and ive seen samsung,phillips,lg,techwood,logik,matsui,toshiba etc in mates houses all set up correctly,but the picture is no where near the quality of my display,only the toshiba 37" lcd(dont know the model")my mate has comes close.
Thats my opinion.

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