Peculiar Mobile Phone Problem.

  golfpro 03:09 02 Nov 2010

I have a peculiar problem with my mobile phone, or to be more specific the SIM card. I bought a Samsung phone NEW and unlocked about 4 years ago, since then I have used a couple of different Sim cards in it without any problems including a Vodafone pay as you go card.
Just recently I purchased a PAYG from A1 in Austria where I live this card will let me send calls but not receive them except when someone phones me from a land line phone and not a mobile. Funny thing is when I phone the number from my other mobile I get a message from T-Mobile telling me the phone number I have just dialed is not available, but why do I get this from T-Mobile. If anyone can throw any light on this before I go back to the A1 shop I would be grateful.

  sunnystaines 08:06 02 Nov 2010

time to phone t-mobile support and ask them.

[never found t-mobile support very helpful in the past]

I think you have to ask A1, it is they who seem to have a bar on receiving mobile calls from another network (can you receive calls from another A1 phone?)

  golfpro 03:31 03 Nov 2010

I have had other payg cards from other networks in the past, and never had one that blocked calls from other networks. So it looks like a trip to A1 and ask them what the hell's going on.

  HXP 19:09 03 Nov 2010

Possibly the number range your new phone is on has not been loaded onto the t-mobile database.

I have had this before with mobiles from other parts of the world unable to ring specific UK mobile numbers as the uk number range is ' not recognised '. So for example if you rang from the same network your number is on it would connect and may then connect from some mobile operators and not others. If it is this then the number needs to be registered by t-mobile for example and this can only be done by the network operator contacting t-mobile.

You could also try dialling the international format of the mobile number in the UK eg 075555555555 becomes 4475555555555.

So try calling your number from a different mobile network and report the issue to your supplier - if it is not this then you would have to ask for advice from your network anyway.

  golfpro 06:52 04 Nov 2010

HXP We have tried all possibilities and still no go, The thing is we do not have a Tmobile contract never had one, this is what we can't understand. However I was down at the A1 shop yesterday and they could not throw any light on the matter also and referred it to their head office in Wiener I am still waiting for them to contact me.....

  HXP 23:35 12 Nov 2010

If possible on the phone handset or by contacting A1 ask them to run a network command to cancell all diverts.

Thus can be done by them direct on the network if you cannot see how to do it from the handset.

Check your voicemail setting that divert all calls are not misrouted to a voicemailbox that goes to an incorrect t-mobile number ( although cncelling all diverts would fix this).

I have had a fair few cases whener set divertimmediate was going to a fictitious number giving number unobtainable ot mis routed to an old voicemailbox numer - not normally another operator but you can set divert to any number so if it was diverted by accident to a t-mobile number that no longer existed you would get this message.

All long shots - but no cost options to check and remove diverts.

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