PCIe Satellite TV card

  tigertop2 17:35 08 Mar 2009

Does anyone know of any TV sat tuner cards connecting to a PCIe x 1 or PCIe x 4 slot?

The BlackGold BGT3540 is OK but not yet in this country as far as I know.

Must be a PCIe slot card as my X58 board is pretty full and use of PCI slots will restrict cooling on my GPU.

  Stuartli 20:47 08 Mar 2009
  tigertop2 10:19 09 Mar 2009

Thanks Stuartli.

I must have googled all around your links but did not pin these ones down. The first 2 I will look at. The third link for the E650 is for a terrestial service only.

however much appreciate your help

  tigertop2 10:39 09 Mar 2009

Looks like the Win HVR 1700 model 236 is the only option as the 2nd link to the Lifeview card does not show any available in Ebay or via a google search. It also only has drivers for XP and not Vista. However the Win card is OK and I will look at it more closely re reviews etc
Thanks anyway

  Stuartli 10:42 09 Mar 2009

I was going by the "compatible with" section of the specifications.

In any case Hauppauge is a highly respected manufacturer of computer TV cards.

  tigertop2 10:53 09 Mar 2009

Hauupage is pretty good , I have 3 of their cards already. Unfortunately the win TV 1700 is out as it has no built in decoder for sat and needs a separate set top box to receive sat. Not surprising as it is a 2005 card . I will probably have to settle for a dongle or else take the chance and install a PCI card next to the 4870 GPU. it is an Antec 900 case so the cooling is pretty good anyway


  Stuartli 15:44 09 Mar 2009

I have a Twinhan Freeview PCI TV card, so looked up the Twinhan website. This may be one possibility:

click here

There are links on the left to other similar products.

  tigertop2 16:00 09 Mar 2009

Just to tie off this thread . I have ordered a Compro DVB-S500 tuner which is a USB device that gets good reviews. Seems we will have to wait a while for PCIe sat cards. Compro software is a bit clunky but this is Vista 32-bit compatible.

Stuartli-- many thanks for your persisent and useful research. With an external box I can forget about cooling air flows on the GPU-and it is ordered now.

  texnogeekz 14:12 20 Feb 2010

What software are you using to stream your satellite tv for pc? I use click here

  tigertop2 10:31 21 Feb 2010

I am using a Hauppage Sat TV card with Hauppage driver v2.124.27191 on Windows 7 32Bit Windows Media .

All works perfectly. I never did get my Compro external SAT tuner to work and have given up trying as the Compro support is non existent

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