PC connected to LCD TV - can't fill screen exactly

  Airster 11:00 17 Dec 2007

Hi all, I've taken an old PC and turned it into a lounge PC for web access and file sharing from the sofa. One problem I have is that I can't get the output window to fit the TV screen exactly - its either a couple of inches (each side) too narrow (wasting space) or about an inch (each side) too wide. I am connecting to a Toshiba 32WLT66S via a VGA connection, and running an old Athlon XP 2700+ system with a Ti4200 GPU.

The TV seem so support VGA and XGA but the manual says it may not be fully compliant XGA.

I am adjusting the resolution from the normal display options dialog to try to get it to fit.

Anyone got any suggestions - could changing the connection method help - I have VGA and DVI outputs on the GPU and VGA, HDMI and Component Video inputs on the TV. Maybe there is some software out there that could fit windows in a "windows" to bring it to the right size (I'll keep Googling but so far haven't got too far).

Any thoughts gratefully recieved.

  steve0 11:56 17 Dec 2007

Download powerstrip - it does all kinds of neat stuff. I have an old (5year) Dell laptop connected via vga to a Samsung 40" lcd tv and it runs flawlessly at 1920x1080 resolution

  laurie53 09:27 18 Dec 2007

Is your TV a widescreen? If so play with the aspect setting and see if that helps.

My pc is connected to a w/s lcd, and I am able to fill the screen.

Word of warning though. Any images will be slightly distorted.

  Airster 16:47 19 Dec 2007

Okay. Tried Powerstrip, and while it managed to get the width sorted, as soon as the height was dropped to a level nearing screen size. the TV changed mode to VGA and I lost the picture. In the end, I downloaded the latest (I thought I already had the latest) driver for the Ti4200 and using the screem size tool have managed to get the width spot on, and the height is just a few millimetres too high top and bottom. However, by doubling the height of the taskbar, I can see running apps and the system tray - I'm just losing the top half of text on a maximised window.

Thanks for your help Steve0.

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