panasonicdvd recorder dmr ex75 connection problem

  gaz1049 18:59 10 Jul 2007

Hi there, sorry if this is a stupid question but I recently bought one of these dvd recorders. I connected it up fine but when i look at the tv guide and then press the enter button, to watch a program, or the return button to go back to what i was watching it automatically switches back to normal t.v. i.e not an AV channel just normal tv. The same thing happens when returning back from viewing the HDD screen. The one that shows you what you have recorded. So in a nutshell, every time I press the return button or the ok button whilst on the tv guide page I automatically end up watching what is on the normal RF TV channel. It doesn't make the DVD useless but it is quite annoying. Cannot tune remote to TV either as TV is a lexsor so no code in the book so that doesn't help. So please please can anyone offer some assistance? Many many thanks

  Stuartli 19:40 10 Jul 2007

Try 004 for the Lexor code - only one listed in one of my remote controls instruction books.

  Stuartli 19:43 10 Jul 2007

I suspect that when you actually watch a recording the TV will switch automatically to the proper channel.

I've seen various Panasonic DVD recorders in use a number of times and the machines and menu operation are very intuitive to use.

  john bunyan 12:41 11 Jul 2007

Do you have a non Freeview enabled TV connected to the Panasonic DVD recorder? If so you are probably watching analogue programmes. When you press the guide button, the Panasonic digital guide shows what's on but unless you had the TV swithced to the AV channel that picks up the Panasonic DVD Tuner, it will revert back to analogue. The answer is to treat the DVD recorder as a set top box, and ensure you are watching Freeview via this by selectind it on the AV , then when you press the button it should go to the programme selected. Be careful to use this only for the current programme as a future programme will be recorded on the hard drive otherwise.

  gaz1049 18:07 11 Jul 2007

I use the dvd recorder as a set top box. The TV is set to AV in order to watch it yet no matter what I do, when I call up the guide and select a program to watch the TV automatically switches out of AV mode and backi to normal TV. It also happens when pressing the return button whilst on the direct navigation screen. Don't know what else to try. Thank you for the responses.

  anchor 10:08 12 Jul 2007

I have the same model, but don`t use the programme guide.

However I have just done done an experiment to see what happens if I do. Turned on the TV and the recorder & switched the TV to the appropriate AV input for the recorder.

Pressed Guide on the recorder handset, and selected a channel & pressed enter/OK.

The picture on the TV changed to the channel I had selected from the guide.

  Whaty 13:09 12 Jul 2007

I'm confused? I also have one of these recorders and if I press guide, select a program and then press enter it gives me the option to record it.

I've never changed or selected a channel via the guide menu.

Have I miss understood what is being said here?

I'm going to have to check this when I get home...


  john bunyan 17:01 12 Jul 2007

Whaty - You are right for programmes in advance of the current time. To record the current programme you usually have to press the Record button - just pressing the OK button selects the current programme for vewing. By the way I've had some difficulty viewing JPEG photos using an SD card after modifying images on a computer and reloading them. Eventually solved it but this feature is not instinctive.
Gaz1049 I assume the SCART cables are OK? Do you have only one AV channel?

  gaz1049 17:46 12 Jul 2007

I have tried more than one scart lead and get the same results. Have tried more than one AV channel too. i think its just something that I am just going to have to put up with. Thanks again.

  Whaty 12:53 14 Jul 2007

john bunyan, you are right... I've never selected the channels that way, I only tend to use the guide to have a look at what's on (find it easier than a magazine when I just want to pick out what sport or which films are on) and to set the recorder.

Sorry gaz1049, can't think why yours should be working the way it is...


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