Panasonic FZ28 camera

  the hick 20:54 20 May 2009

Been thinking of buying a FZ28, or perhaps a similar camera. My present camera is a Canon 520, and one feature I do find irksome at times is the extreme depth-of-field, due to the small size of the sensor - the light-sensitive CCD. It is often difficult to take photo of subject, with background out-of-focus. Are these 'Superzoom' cameras the same in this respect, at a given focal length, or are the lenses of a different design? I have had advice to buy a DSLR, but not keen on the bulk, while the FZ28 or Fuji 1500 look very neat and compact to me. Any advice much appreciated.

  FatboySlim71 20:06 21 May 2009

I own the Panasonic FZ28 and I find it absolutely superb, the power and quality of the 18X Leica lens and the ease of use. I have owned loads of different cameras and I find the FZ28 easily beats the lot of them.

I will provide some links below, some are to my FlickR site where I have pictures on that I have taken with the FZ28 and the other link is to a review I wrote on the FZ28.

click here

click here

click here

click here

  OTT_Buzzard 12:28 22 May 2009

I've not used the FZ28, but I do have its predecessor, the FZ18. A *fantastic* camera excepting for one flaw; it's ability to take low light shots without increasing ISO sensitivity, which quickly degrades the picture quality.

I don't know if this has been improved for the FZ28, but if you take a lot of indoor photo's then it may be worth checking out.

  anchor 16:42 22 May 2009

Here is a detailed review:

click here

Probably all digital cameras will show increased noise to a greater or lesser degree as the ISO is increased. The best DSLR models are superior in this respect, but cost a lot more.

Comments about noise for this model:

"Image noise was well controlled when using the higher ISO capabilities of this camera. I found you can create nice large prints using settings of ISO 800 and below. 1600 looks as if you could still get away with some good 4x6-inch prints as well".

It appears that the FZ28 is certainly in the better class.

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