Panasonic DVD Set Up Advice Req for Novice

  jw100 20:49 24 Jan 2007

Hi all,

I have a 40inch Sony Bravia LCD TV and have just today purchased a Panasonic DMR-EX95V combined DVD/VCR to replace my VCR. I also purchased a Profigold HDMI cable as I was told in the shop that this cable would replace the 21 pin scart lead and give superior sound and picture. Upon reading the Panasonic manual, in conjunction with the Sony manual, I understand that I can also retain the scart lead to make use of what Panasonic call Q link and Sony call Smartlink. Is it in order to use both cables and is there an adavantage to be gained? The Panasonic quick set up guide just shows using a scart lead. By buying an HDMI cable have I bought something I don't really need?

Thank you.

  Waldoc85 21:59 24 Jan 2007

I have a similar setup and you will find that the HDMI cable will provide a much improved picture when playing DVD's whilst the Q link/Sony Smartlink works very well as per the manual.

  jw100 22:08 24 Jan 2007

Thank you for your reply. I will use both scart and HMDI cables as per your recommendation.

  postie24 19:01 26 Jan 2007

Is the pansonic an upscaled dvd player? If not,using the HDMI lead wont make any difference.

Basically you use a HDMI lead to relay high definition picture and sound.

An upscaled dvd player outputs your dvd to a higher resolution


  jw100 21:22 26 Jan 2007

Thanks for your comments. I'm a bit lost here as I don't know if my Panasonic DVD recorder upscales (I presume this means enhances) DVD playback. It is the top of the range model so I would imagine it to do so. I did wonder if the HDMI would make any difference.

  Whaty 11:08 27 Jan 2007

According to 'What Home Cinema' the DMR-EX95 is an upscaling DVD player. Quote: 'Connectivity is superb, including HDMI output capable of upgrading signals to 720p and 1080i levels'. They give it a rating of 95%.!!

From what I've read it would seem that you do need to use a good quality HDMI cable though, given your kit I would say it's worth spending £50 - £60 to ensure the best quality.

  postie24 15:36 27 Jan 2007

Whaty,yep your advice about a quality cable is correct
jw100,let us know what you think of the picture quality,


  jw100 20:05 29 Jan 2007

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay in answering but I've been away for the weekend. Just want to say that using the one metre HDMI cable I bought at a cost of £45, picture quality is excellent on playback from DVD's and HDD. I can also say that I can't fault the TV picture whether terrestrial or digital. I am very pleased indeed.

Thank you all for your help and advice.

  Les 01:04 30 Jan 2007

Couldn't agree with your more. I have the same set up and can't fault the Sony's picture , the Panasonic is marvellous and does everything it says on the tin. Editing films recorded to the HD could not be easier.

  polo 20:39 08 Feb 2007

Hope this won't be considered hijacking! I notice Les that you say editing films on a panasonic DVD recorder could not be easier. I've tried and decided that it isn't worth the bother but maybe you know something I don't? As far as I can see you have to play the whole film through (at advanced speed of course) to edit out the adverts. Is this correct or is some other way possible?

  Les 10:00 12 Feb 2007

"As far as I can see you have to play the whole film through (at advanced speed of course) to edit out the adverts. Is this correct or is some other way possible?"

Yes, that's the way. Editing a Philips hd720 is difficult, the Panasonic is a great improvement on that !

Bother? Not to me, for, as a 'senior citizen', I have the time and patience to do this, that is, when I find something worth recording in the first place 8-))


You may not see all that much difference using the HDMI cable, but as for waste of money - well, who knows, you may need it in the future, at least I hope so.

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