Panasonic DVD recorder DMR-EX77EB - No image

  artex 13:50 04 Aug 2007

Hi, I've just bought a Panasonic DVD recorder DMR-EX77EB. Everything sets up fine, and it finds TV channels no problem. But then the picture immediately disappears (but sound remains on OK). Whenever I try to turn the DVD off and then on again, there is still no picture. I only get a picture if I have a menu on the screen (such as the "Function Menu"), and as soon as I turn the menu off, the TV screen turns off as well. Can anyone offer any advice please?


  freaky 15:54 04 Aug 2007

You probably have not connected the scart cables correctly.

To view a recording from the DVDR you need to set your TV remote to AV1.

To record to the DVDR (for terrestrial channels) i.e. channels 1-5, you set it to the corresponding channel.

To record satellite channels, set the DVDR to A2, and then select the channel you wish to record.

Does your TV function OK with the DVDR off ?

  artex 09:23 05 Aug 2007

Thanks very much indeed... I have a very old but pretty good good TV. Maybe this is the problem. I'll look into this.

Thanks for your help!

  freaky 10:41 05 Aug 2007

When I had problems setting up my Panasonic DMR-EH50-EB DVDR I found the following Forum very helpful: -

click here

  holme 12:23 05 Aug 2007

If you're seeing the Function Menu display, but not the actual programme display, this might be due to a discrepancy between the respective video options settings for the DVD recorder and the TV.

I suggest you first go into the Function Menu of the DVD recorder and look for something like Connections --> AV1/AV2 settings --> AV1 Output. Make sure the video OUTPUT is set to 'Video' (it might be called 'PAL') and /NOT/ one of the other settings (S-Video, RGB or Component).

Then do the same for the TV, checking that the video INPUT is set to 'Video' (or 'PAL') and not something else. Although if it's an old TV, there may not be a choice of video inputs, e.g. RGB.

My thoughts are that, if the TV is set to 'Video', and the DVD recorder is set to output (say) RGB, the TV will display the function menu OK but won't 'see' RGB output from the DVD recorder, hence a blank screen.

There are other possibilities but that's for starters. HTH.

  artex 20:09 06 Aug 2007

Thanks very much indeed... success, and its great!

I really appreciate your help.


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