Panasonic DMR=Ex77Eb

  carfax299 19:59 20 Aug 2011


I have a Panasonic DMR-EX77EB linked via a HDMI to a Sony Bravura TV. Recently I am experiencing sound breakdown on playback. This occurs when playback is from the HDD or a DVD-RAM. When I play the DVD-RAM in my laptop the sound is still fragmented. Is there a solution, or is this a fault with the recorder?

Thank you in anticipation


  HondaMan 21:01 20 Aug 2011

Sounds more lioke a problem with the TV as you say sound is fragmented from two independant sources

  Forum Editor 00:21 21 Aug 2011

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  canarieslover 09:36 22 Aug 2011

If the recording on the hard drive is giving sound breakdown it is either a reception problem or a tuner problem. Putting that recording onto a DVD will only give the same result as the act of burning the DVD cannot improve the signal. Has this just recently happened? Are you in an area that is going through the change to digital? Try an aerial booster to improve your signal and check alignment of your aerial.

  carfax299 14:06 22 Aug 2011

Hi guys


Thank you for replying. I don't think this is an aerial problem, because sound is OK when reception is through the TV tuner. Fragmented sound occurs when reception is through the Panasonic DMR. The aerial plugs into the DMR only. This is a recent problem.


  canarieslover 18:37 22 Aug 2011

There are often differences in the sensitivity of tuners so it may be that the Panasonic needs a stronger signal than the TV. If that is not the case then it seems as if the tuner on the Panasonic has developed a fault. Does it affect all channels that you record, or just specific channels? Try a re-tune on all channels to see if that has any effect.

  carfax299 16:22 26 Aug 2011


All channels are affected when receiving channels on the Panasonic tuner.

I only noticed this today,I thought it only happened when playing back recorded programs. The signal comes from a community aerial in a block of flats. I think it could be the tuner, is a repair going to be very expensive?

Thank you for your help

  canarieslover 20:08 26 Aug 2011

Before you take it for a repair estimate I would unplug all connections and make certain that they are clean before plugging back in. Corrosion and dirt build up on terminals can cause poor signals. Then do a complete re-tune on the Panasonic. If that does not cure it then you will be looking for a repairer but I have no idea what they would charge. Currently Richer Sounds have new ones available for £210 so bear that in mind when you get a quote for repair. It might be worth getting a new one if the cost of repair is too great. Panasonic at R.S.

  john bunyan 15:20 27 Aug 2011

I have a similar Panasonic DVD recorder. Suddenly I could only get analogue channels. My local repair man found some loose soldering or something on the input or output to the Digital tuner. Needed a part from Panasonic. Cost about £80 I think. Works well now.

  carfax299 12:27 28 Aug 2011

Thank you all for your help. I am going to clean the contacts for a start.

  carfax299 20:28 28 Aug 2011

Thanks again everyone, I have cleaned the contacts and re-tuned, no joy I am afraid. Pondering my next move.

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