Panasonic DMR-EX75EB S DVD Recorder

  Sibbo 16:47 25 Aug 2006

I've just bought one of the above recorders, but due to suffering from acute back pain, I've been unable to finish setting it up. To enable me to get it set up as quickly as possible, and spend as little time as possible crouching down on the floor, could someone please tell me how I am supposed to connect each of the following:

Panasonic TV (not new, 4:3 screen with 1 scart connector)

Panasonic VHS Recorder (2 scart connectors. This will be removed from the set-up once some of my kids tapes have been transferred to disc - if possible)

NTL Cable Box (2 scart connectors)

I've looked at the manual, but it does not appear to cover this many bits of equipment. I thought that some of the very knowledgeable PCA forum members would know and in turn reduce my pain. Many thanks in advance. :-)

  FelixTCat 18:22 25 Aug 2006


There are 2 sets of connectors: coax and SCART.

The coax from the ntl box goes to the DVD recorder and then to the TV

SCART output from VHS recorder goes to SCART input to DVD recorder. SCART output from DVD recorder goes to SCART input on TV

When you get rid of the VHS recorder you can connect the SCART output of the ntl box to the SCART input of the DVD recorder.



  siouxah1 12:57 30 Aug 2006

did you get the information you need? Do you still require the info?

Sorry for delay


  Sibbo 14:50 30 Aug 2006

I've got the information above, but you could confirm if that is ok or not. Then again, you could say if there is a different/better set-up, and explain why? Thanks

  siouxah1 19:23 30 Aug 2006


  Sibbo 19:36 30 Aug 2006

I received an e-mail from Panasonic today, and they said that I couldn't have all the above equipment sent up when my TV only has 1 scart. Any comments to that reply from them? Thanks

  freaky 11:32 08 Sep 2006

I have a Panasonic DMR-EH50 DVD Recorder connected to a Sony TV that has one Scart connector, a VHS Recorder and NTL Digital Top Box.

I have used the 2 Scarts on the NTL Box. All works OK, and I have successfully transferred all my VHS tapes to DVD.

Must agree if you have a bad back, then it is a difficult task connecting it all up. You could get a TV engineer to do it for you....should not cost very much as it would take about ½ hour.

  Sibbo 12:24 08 Sep 2006

I don't know about you, but when NTL wired up my system they put wires all over the place underneath my TV! FelixTCat states, "coax from the ntl box goes to the DVD recorder and then to the TV". I don't know for sure, but from memory I think that one of the thick white wires on the back of the NTL box, actually goes back into the NTL box. Is that normal? I also recall there being a 4" long (approx) aluminium connector around the back of the box with the thick white cable going into it. I've been with NTL years, and mine was set up in such a way that although I can view all channels through channel number 7, I can also use my TV remote control to select BBC1 via button 1,BBC2 via button 2 etc etc. I've been told by newer customers that the NTL Engineers now refuse to do that. Would that explain all the wires and connectors that I have mentioned above? Would it affect the set up that you have stated? Thanks.

  freaky 13:50 08 Sep 2006

Sounds as if you have an old analogue NTL box, not a Digital box.

The 'thick white wire' you refer to is the NTL main cable that supplies sound/video to the NTL Top Box.

Is your Panasonic TV able to accept a digital signal, or is it just an analogue TV.

  Sibbo 14:48 08 Sep 2006

I'll find out.

  Sibbo 16:09 08 Sep 2006

I do know that we no longer have our original NTL box. That was changed some years ago from I think black, to our current bluey grey one with a blue remote control.

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