Panasonic DMR-EX75EB S DVD recorder

  polo 20:45 20 Aug 2006

Anyone got one of these Panasonic DVD recorders? If so how do you find it, can you recommend.

  siouxah1 21:02 20 Aug 2006

Thoroughly reccomended. Am very pleased with the picture quality. I feed all my boxes through it to the TV at 1080i. I know that there are views that the TV rescales to native, so the 1080i output is not required. I do however find that the picture quality is better that way. IMHO anyway.

click here

Have a search for that recorder ihn the above and you will get plenty of information.

There are some quirks on recording to HDD and to DVD-R. It appears to record in 4:3 only. But in fact squashes the recording so that 16:9 output is correct. But will output correct ratio if you select the aspect ration on your TV.
If you have more specific questions please ask.


  siouxah1 21:03 20 Aug 2006

You can read info on the EX85 as well, it will apply. The 85 is the same as the 75 but with a 250 MB HDD.


  polo 18:45 21 Aug 2006

Many thanks. Will I need a special quality scart lead for the 1080? I'm not very technical re these matters I'm afraid so yes there maybe specific questions later! I'm thinking of getting one in about 2 months time when I shall have more time to devote to it. They seem rather scarce at present. I see Comet are offering the 75 for£349 which seems a good price, whether they have got any though I don't know.

  siouxah1 21:53 21 Aug 2006

Hello Polo.

I must say I am uncertain if you can get 1080i from other than the HDMI connection.

This is possible I believe with the use of component leads. It will depend very much on the inputs of your TV.

I use scart to connect DVD player and Sky box to the DVD recorder. Then HDMI to connect EX75 to a DVI connection on the TV. The Philips TV I have does not have HDMI in. That is not a problem as I route my sound through optical connection to AV amp. DVI does not support sound.

As far as cable quality is concerned. Well I hate to admit it but I buy scart leads for a quid from the local surplus store. :-) Perhaps I might get a better picture if I spent more cash!!
Anyone any opinions on that? Would be interested in your opinions.


  Sibbo 21:23 25 Aug 2006

When you say that you feed all your boxes through it, what do you mean? Are you referring to things like Video Recorder, T.V, Cable box etc? If so, could you tell me how you have connected everything please? Thanks.

  polo 20:55 27 Aug 2006

Sibbo. It was siouxah who said about feeding all boxes through... Not me! He won't know you've responded to my thread.

  siouxah1 00:28 28 Aug 2006

Polo, Ihope you don't mind me hijacking your thread.
Sibbo, I did try to post an explanation of the connections. Failed to do so. Posted but cannot find where it went. Must go now but will try again tomorrow.


  polo 10:33 28 Aug 2006

That's OK

  Ian58 23:29 30 Aug 2006

I've only had my 75 a week but I think it is brilliant.

  polo 23:36 30 Aug 2006

Where did you get it? Was the price good?

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