Panasonic DMR-EX75EB DVD recorder

  polo 16:05 03 Jan 2007

I've just bought one of these DVD recorders and it really is great. The manual is virtually useless but I'm manageing to work out how to use the recorder inspite of it. It's one of those manuals which only make sense once you've figured it all out already for yourself! Anyway what I'm wanting to ask is if there is anyone out there who knows how to find out at any point how much remaining capacity there is on the hard disk. It tells you whether there is sufficient capacity for the item you are wanting to record but I'm wanting to know the properties of the hard disk at any point.

  anchor 17:06 03 Jan 2007

I bought one on Saturday, but its being delivered tomorrow!, so can`t advise you.

There are 3 owners, (see this thread), who may be able to help.

click here

Alternatively, contact Panasonic support via this page:

click here

  STREETWORK 17:19 03 Jan 2007

it usually pops up when you press record (disk remaining)...

  polo 18:08 03 Jan 2007

Thanks Anchor and Streetwork Yes I can see it at the top Streework in hours and minutes SP, thats great. I did ask Panasonic a week ago and I've just sent them a reminder, but now I know the answer. I never got a reply to my previous request.

  dunk 17:00 04 Jan 2007


Completely agree with you about the Crap manual.
It jumps all over the place with little bits of info scattered throughout in no logical order with a number of extremely small screen shots.

I have had to rewrite the instructions for my mother.

Also Why do manufactuers assume that your tv is also made by them. The remote control with loads of buttons which are only useful your tv is the same make.

  Lawrence-255466 01:58 05 Jan 2007

Recorder Model No DMR-EZ45VEBS no hard drive in this but it's also DV3 and has a SD Card reader so far very pleased with it.
As for the comment by Polo" Why do manufactures assume that your tv is also made by them. The remote control with loads of buttons which are only useful if your tv is the same make"! well I was of the same opinion turning on the TV and then the DVD and then adjusting the volume was becoming a right P off My TV is 15years old you see and it's missing a few of it's buttons But Hay CHECK THIS OUT in the back of my operating manual under remote control I Read this Change the remote control code to operate you television and to my delight it works even on an old Grundig TV so have fun.
this is how it's don.

Press and hold the TV on and off button Top right on remote
Enter the tow-digit code for your TV all code are supplied for you in Operating Manual.

Panasonic =01 04 or 45 Grundig =09
Aiwa =35 Sony =08
AKAI =27 or 30 JVC =17 or39 Hope this is of use LAW

  Lawrence-255466 03:11 05 Jan 2007

Hi all Can anyone tell me if i can use a DVD RAM disc in a PC?
Have just bought one of these Panasonic DVD Recorders and looking in the spec fined that for the best HD recording Panasonic Only recommends Ram discs i note that the size on these ram discs are 9.4Gb so if they can be used on a PC DVD i would not have to spend so much time Compressing video to fit on standard disc Thanks in anticipation Law

  anchor 09:31 05 Jan 2007

dunk: as you say, the manual is very poor. I received my DMR-EX75EB yesterday and am only just making head and tail of it.

  anchor 16:31 05 Jan 2007

re: adjusting the remote control for a different make of TV.

Have a look on page 65 of the manual. Full details there.

  polo 17:03 05 Jan 2007

OLIVER 100 I didn't say ' Why do manufactures assume that your tv is also made by them' Dunk did, but never mind!

I have found that if you copy a 2.5 hour item onto a 2 hour DVD it automatically does it in FR mode and adjusts the speed to make the recording fit the disk. There's no end to how clever it is!!

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