Panasonic DMR-ES10 .EB wont accept disk.

  nagonlouse 14:25 27 Dec 2005

Hello everybody and a "Happy New Year" I have a Panasonic DVD player/recorder DMR-ES10 attached to my TV.I have tried to put my Xmas photos on to a Memorex DVD-RW disk which the player accepts.Now here starts the story! The panasonic will not accept a disk unless it is formatted, so I formatt a clean disk go to my PC and try to put my photos on it with Nero, this says the disk is not empty so it clears the Panasonic formatt code off. It then accepts all my photos and I go back to the Panasonic and this tells me the disk is not formatted and it will not formatt unless it wipes the photos off. I`m going round in circles can anyone help please.

  Arnie 16:21 27 Dec 2005

it came with a leaflet that explains what discs can be used to record data on the machine.
Virtually everything that can be done seems to require DVD ram discs.

The only thing listed for DVD-RW discs is repeat recording.

The data sheet to which I am referring, is a single multi-coloured sheet in English, German, French, Italian & Spanish.

  nagonlouse 18:22 27 Dec 2005


Thanks for the response and observations but it also says on the Operating Instructions that DVD-RW can be used and that is what I`m using and have used for a while now. I do have the Panasonic DVD/Ram Disks but Nero throws them out like clay pidgeon disks. My DVD player/recorder
on the PC is a NEC ND3520A

  Arnie 15:31 28 Dec 2005

Sorry my posting did not help.

Maybe an e-mail to Panasonic might help.

  nagonlouse 21:54 29 Dec 2005

OK, thanks for trying Arnie have sent E-Mail to Panasonic and waiting a reply. Have set a Pioneer play only on top of Panasonic for time being and it is working well.

  Arnie 12:27 30 Dec 2005

You're very welcome nagonlouse.

  Fellsider 17:10 03 Jan 2006 also says on the Operating Instructions that DVD-RW can be used and that is what I`m using and have used for a while...

Are the disks that you are currently using the same make as those that were used in the past?

could be a dodgy batch of disks.

  nagonlouse 18:06 03 Jan 2006

Fellsider, thanks for suggestion
, yes they are the samw disk ie "Memorex DVD-R" I can put these disks in a "Pioneer"play only player and they show my pictures perfectly.

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