Panasonic DMR-ES10 DVD Recording format

  PNEfan 23:58 28 Dec 2005

How can I transfer recordings made on my Panasonic DMR-ES10 DVD recorder on to my PC? If I put a disk with a DVD recording into my PC it won't recognise that there is anything on the disk. The recording specification of the Panasonic DVD is MEG2 (Hybrid VBR). I have been using DVD-R disks.

  Confab 13:25 29 Dec 2005

Lots of home DVD recorders can record in two formats.

One is the standard DVD format so that your recordings can be played in any DVD player and the other type is a proprietary format specific to the DVD recorder (this format usually offers more features).

Two things to check - Look at your instruction manual to ensure that your are recording in the format that’s compatible with most DVD players. In the case of my player (Pioneer) it's called Video mode.

Make sure that you finalise the recording that you have made.

  PNEfan 20:56 29 Dec 2005

Thanks, I had thought the DVD had automatically finalised at the end of the recording, but after looking at the instructions (as a last resort) I found that a further procedure was required to finalise the DVD.

  Carbonara 21:14 29 Dec 2005

Bears out the old adage, RTFM !!!

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