ow do you know sky pace didgi box hard drive size?

  athenrye 13:57 01 Feb 2007

my old 40Gb box failed last week
sky came out and put in a new one free of charge, very nice people......(aye right, only after fecking haggling with them)

now when im recording programmes that last an hour only take 2%
on my old one it was either 4 or 6 % for the same programmes
i have tons more stuff on this hard drive and ive still got 40% free

ive looked in system details etc but cant see anything that will tell me
do i have a 160gb job?
any ideas

  Pamy 14:55 01 Feb 2007

What will knowing the sizs of the HDD do for you?

  athenrye 15:52 01 Feb 2007

itll let me know if ive got a big one or not
isnt that always the story with us men?

or the other hand id be interested to know that if ive still got the smaller one, why my last machine was shit and used space very easily

anybody any ideas

  Pamy 16:14 01 Feb 2007

will, by your persentages it looks like it has had some viagra. I would be happy with what I had got and enjoy using it to its upmost

  acceptmyname 12:55 05 Feb 2007

you hard drive size is usually on a sticker on the bottom of your box

  Stuartli 14:28 05 Feb 2007

As hard drive capacities get much higher and prices drop even lower, it's quite likely that you do have a larger HDD as the initial cost now would be similar or even lower for Sky to acquire them.

A valuable bonus if this is the case.

  athenrye 22:31 05 Feb 2007

hi guys
i got a refurb new pace box
it has a 80/80GB hard drive they are putting them in all the new and refurb machines

what happens is that you get 80GB instead of the 40GB sky keeps 80GB for themselves

starting in march they will download new and coming stuff thats on sky overnight that you can access but cant control

it will be free and wont cost anything
looks to be the dogs you know whats so for
im very hapy to double my hard disk spoace anyway


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