Overlarge TV picture on LCD Screen

  LimestoneRock 17:11 12 Dec 2008

I have a 42" LCD TV linked up to SKY+ Box on AV2 and DVD Recorder on AV1. The set up in my house is that you can view all channels, ie 1-5 plus Sky on any TV set in the home. The TV set also has Freeview. When I first set the system up with the new TV a few months ago certain channels through SKY were coming up with a picture that was too large resulting in channel info and other data not being readable on screen. After experimenting, I switched those items attached to AV1 & AV2 around with the result that I was getting perfect pictures of SKY programmes on AV2 which I then used, but the distortion still applied on AV1. Everything has gone on like this until the past 10 days when AV2 has effectively reverted to the over large TV picture again. However, on my 22" LCD in the kitchen which is being fed through the same set up, the picture is as it should be. Also the Freeview pictures are all OK on the main TV. I have tried resolving the situation over the past few days through experimenting with the scarts etc but no joy. Interestingly, if watching say ITV3 through Sky the picture is enlarged during the programme being watched but when the adverts come on, everything is OK. Has anyone ideas please?

  MCE2K5 18:35 12 Dec 2008

If Sky+ setup menu is similar to Standard Sky Box,

Try this,

Services, 4 System Setup, 1 Picture Settings, Picture Format.

Select 16.9

Save Settings.


There are 2 Outputs, Set both to 16.9

  LimestoneRock 19:34 12 Dec 2008

Thanks MCE2K5. I have done that check but it makes no difference.

  MCE2K5 19:36 12 Dec 2008

What's the Make and Model of your 42" LCD TV

  LimestoneRock 09:41 13 Dec 2008

Sorry for the delay in returning MCE2K5. It is a Toshiba Regza 42C3035DB.

  LimestoneRock 10:53 13 Dec 2008

There is not the facility to do so unfortunately. There is 4-3 stretch which I have tried on and off but I cannot find any other option in this regard.

  LimestoneRock 12:16 13 Dec 2008

I think I have been a bit stupid and I thank you both for pointing me in the right direction. The Menu button on the remote only gave the 4-3 stretch as I mentioned but this led me to check again with manual and I found that there was another button on the remote that gives, cinema 1 & 2, Wide, 4-3,14-9 and a few others. Experimenting with these helped me to get to a picture which is balanced and not one where the picture is enlarged with words extending beyond the screen boundary. However, I have now got the bars - on most of the alternatives they are at the top and bottom but on one they are at the sides. I do not get them on "wide" but it is here that the picture is distorted. When I previously had the picture performing correctly and with everything in perfect balance I did not have the bars. I am very grateful for your input so far - but have you any further ideas that could help me please?

  martd77 10:47 14 Dec 2008

i dont have any sky channels with "bars" on my 42" panasonic and the aspect ratio on sky and tv is set to 16:9,some dvds have black bars top and bottom because of the aspect ratio
I would have thought wide or 16:9 would have worked on your tv,both cinema settings will have bars top and bottom,4:3 is normal std tv so if you stretch it it will look distorted
Sorry cant be of much help

  martd77 10:52 14 Dec 2008

Just to add,my set up on sky is set to 16:9 on both outputs av1 rgb is set to sky,av2 is set to the dvd recorder\player

  martd77 12:37 14 Dec 2008

yeah the movies sometimes have black borders but not that often i dont have any sky\freeview channels that are "letterbox",and i dont have skyhd

  LimestoneRock 19:34 14 Dec 2008

Thank you all for your contributions. What I find a mystery is the fact that when it was working properly I did not have any bars at all and the picture was balanced in all regards although on AV1 I did suffer the distortions which again, recently occurred on AV2 before rectifying.

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