Omega watch help needed

  Graham* 15:44 06 Apr 2014

I have an Omega Seamaster watch. It was sent off to Omega by the main dealer for repair when the digital display became faulty.

When it came back I could not set the day, eg. today it should show ‘SU 6’. I eventually twigged that one when I found a setting showing ‘1989’. I stepped it round to ‘2014’ and the correct day shows.

I took it to the main dealer last week to have a new battery fitted. Now I can’t set the AM/PM, it doesn’t step to the next day until 12 noon. The original instructions say that is set in the second time zone.

Of course, I asked the dealer about these problems, their response was they couldn’t help, they don’t even have the user guide.

It is obvious that Omega have fitted a different ‘digital’ part to the original. Before I contact Omega, does anyone have any experience in this field, please?

  BRYNIT 20:42 06 Apr 2014

Have you looked on youtube CLICK HERE there are various video instructions on OMEGA Seamaster watches.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:45 06 Apr 2014

Which model seamaster? there are 27 ;0)

Diver click here

  Graham* 21:01 06 Apr 2014

It's this one click here

  BRYNIT 09:26 07 Apr 2014

Found the instructions for the 1665 seamaster look like your watch Click here don't know if it will help.

  Graham* 10:17 07 Apr 2014


Thanks, that's the book I have.

  tullie 20:18 07 Apr 2014

Maybe reset the time in the morning,possibly when the new battery was installed it was in the afternoon,just a thought?

  Graham* 14:46 10 Apr 2014

Thanks all, the penny dropped. I had to go to to T2 and set to 24 hour mode after 12 noon. Then wind the hours round by 12 hours to display the time. Then I could return it to PM. And correct the date.

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