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  davecooper 11:37 11 Feb 2008

I have had an Olympus compact digital for about a year now and had never tried to back up any pictures until now. Am I right in saying that this cannot be done via the supplied Olympus Master software and that you need to buy an additional package to allow back up of photos to CD? If this is the case, I am absolutely amazed that one of the most common operations that you would want is not included in the supplied software. I don't suppose the additional package is very expensive, it's just that I do not want any of the advanced features that seem to come with this package, just a back up facility.

  ventanas 11:40 11 Feb 2008

Why bother with it, or any other software.

Just put all the images into one folder, click on the Folders button on the toolbar, and from the resulting list on the left hand side choose to copy all items to CD.

  jack 14:41 11 Feb 2008

One of the most common problems arise when users install the software the comes supplied with a Digital camera.
The best place for that CD is back in the box it came in.

When the camera is plugged into a MS Windows computer it will display the scanner/camera wizard and ask what it is you wish to do with the images.
The 'default' location will be My pictures a folder in 'My Documents'.
An experienced user can make a dedicated folder if they wish on the 'C' drive root or extra folders within 'My picture's each batch.

Transferring the images is simple
Place a CD-R in the write drive
Bring the image folder to the desktop
select the images you wish to 'Burn'
drag them to the CD drive.
Follow the prompts.
The only time you are likely to need additional software for 'Burning' is if you wished to 'burn' to DVD.
That is for another time.

  davecooper 14:06 12 Feb 2008

Thanks for that. Unfortunately, the images are not in a folder as such and can only be listed/displayed using the Olympus browse software. The software will not allow direct transfer to CD as this option is disabled. it will allow transfer to a folder but I had trouble doing this originally as every time I tried to save the pictures to a folder, I got a “folder not accessible” message. I was beginning to think that the Olympus software was blocking access. It was only when I made a new “backup” folder that it allowed me to save the files. All sorted and backed up now. Thanks for the advice about supplied software, I am uninstalling mine as I find it very difficult to use.

  jack 15:53 12 Feb 2008

Dave they are in a folder.

No images exist in a software.

Software only locates where they are.

It it likely that in this case the program has created a dedicated folder as mentioned- and it is likely to be in 'C'/Programs/Olympus.

To find your images wherever they be, do this.

Start/Search/find/ click the file type box [pictures-videos] and in the field type the following


click Find.

Then you will see them all come up.

  ventanas 22:40 12 Feb 2008

I meant to mention earlier, I assume you are using Olympus Master 1. This was supplied as a cut down version with cameras. You could unlock more features by paying an additional £20 or so, which I did, and found it well worth it.

But there is now version 2, and the full version is free from click here

This is much improved on V1.

  Mike D 12:47 13 Feb 2008


I also have an Olympus camera. Since getting anew pc I have not bothered to reinstall software, which is below par. Windows will display the pictures just fine if you copy them from the camera or xd card to My Pictures. You can then show them as a slide show, copy them to cd/DVD. if you want more there are plenty of programs out there (e.g Nero) that will knock Olympus' offering (and their non-existent customer services) into a cocked hat.


  Mike D 12:56 13 Feb 2008

Don't know where nero came from, but it will certainly copy the photos!

  hssutton 14:11 13 Feb 2008

"The best place for that CD is back in the box it came in".

Try telling that to a great many Canon and Nikon users. The software from Canon is superb, Nikon's offering not quite as good, but still worth having on your PC.

  ventanas 15:34 13 Feb 2008

The only problem with the Nikon offering (Capture NX) is that, if you were not lucky enough to benefit from one of the recent special offers, you had to pay £120 for it like I did. Well worth it though.

And, for the record, the Olympus software isn't too bad either, considering it's free. (And necessary if you want to process .ORF files)

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