Olympus C750UZ- loss of settings problem

  hatrickj 19:03 25 Aug 2007

I own an Olympus c750UZ camera. Of late the battery seems to go flat suddenly and often the lens barrel is stuck in the extended position. This can happen at other times too. By the time I have loaded fresh batteries all my settings, such as date and time have been erased and replaced by defaults. Should I be concerned and think of replacing the camera? I did read on a U.S. site that similar problems may be caused by the backup battery or capacitor and that replacement or mending is expensive.

I see the latest similarly and better featured Olympus is the SP550, that has 7mp instead of my camera’s 4 and an 18x optical zoom instead of mine’s 10x.

Thoughts, please, on the SP550. As I have quite a few xd cards, I would be reluctant to change to others without good reason.

  hzhzhzhz 20:55 25 Aug 2007

review click here

  hatrickj 07:01 26 Aug 2007

Thanks for review link.

As to the problem with the C750, has anyone had the same type of problem, and was it an expensive %&88er to cure?

As to the SP550, has anyone had actual hands-on experience?


  jack 11:53 26 Aug 2007

'Repair' of digi cameras is always an expensive business- because of the way they are made- rather akin to computer components[which they are of course] on huge machines- with little leeway for human intervention if things go awry.
Indeed very often for 'repair' one should read - 'replacement' by a factory 'reworked' model- the hour cost of techies sitting at bench dissembling cameras, and putting in replacement parts is -I think- a thing of the past.
Some manufacturers do declare that certain of their models are to be considered 'disposable'

  hatrickj 09:41 27 Aug 2007

I am getting more confused- not with the abswers from you friends though.

I did a little experiment and found that not all is lost when the batteries are removed. Examples

"All reset" goes from Off to On
"ISO xxx" goes to "Auto"
Language setting, if set to, say, French, does not revert to English, nor does the sleep time, to the top listed items, that logically would be the defaults.

Be honest, have I been barking upthe wrong tree, the fault being that I am too just slow changing the batteries?

  oresome 11:33 27 Aug 2007

Check the battery contacts are bright and clean.

  hatrickj 12:07 27 Aug 2007

Contact seem OK but gave them light rub with fine abrasive paper. Could it be that I am too slow in changing batteries, with result that time/date and items mentioned in one of my earlier posts default?

Completely OT but Olympus have successor to SO550. the SP560. News release was 23/8

  ^wave^ 08:14 28 Aug 2007

has it always done this or is it a new problem. how old is it and how old are the batteries, this camera came out in 03 if it has a backup battery then it is possibly 4 years old and may well be on its way out.

  hatrickj 10:32 28 Aug 2007

I've become concious of the problem in the last year.

  Diemmess 17:57 28 Aug 2007

I had a 5050 which suddenly failed to zoom fully out
Olympus were prepared to do an inclusive repair for about £104.
I liked that camera for its excellent f:1.8 lens an optical finder.
Week piled on week with extended promises to repair, and I eventually agreed to swap for a new SP 550 UZ.

It is o...k, loaded with modes and possibilities, huge zoom, large display panel and drat it, an electronic view finder.
hzhzhzhz's link to Steves Cameras is worth a visit.

With the market trend of more (and more delicate) camera modes and gizmos, I feel I said goodbye to robust and long living cameras when I bought my first Digiital. It was a Kodak DC..... something or other, ate batteries and was very soon way below the mark.

  Smiler 18:10 02 Sep 2007

I have the Olympus SP500UZ and I use Energizer 2500mah rechargeable batteries. I take well over 100 photos before even thinking about having to change batteries but I always carry two sets of fully charged batteries with me at all times.
Excellent quality photos and fairly robust camera.

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