Old Sony IDTV problems

  Hercule Marple 10:17 09 Dec 2009

It's a Sony 28 inch CRT IDTV from 2000. Been like this for months. The picture breaks up into blocks, and it constantly freezes for a second or two. Sometimes it's only the ITV and Channel 4 channels that act up. Other times it's the BBC channels. Even when it's otherwise alright, sound clipping is often noticeable.

I've tried an LCD tv set on the same aerial connection, and it's fine. No problems whatsoever.

Any idea what's wrong with it? Could the built-in digital box have become obsolete? Or could it be damaged in some way?

  karmgord 18:55 09 Dec 2009

it still sounds like an ariel signal problem,the fact the lcd tv works my only be it needs a less strong signal to work,you can check the signal strength & quality via set up then detail set up then system information.
I've found that unsuppressed cars causes this on my sony tv

  Hercule Marple 20:58 09 Dec 2009

WOuldn't that make the picture look worse? I've had a look through the on-screen options, and I don't see anywhere to check signal strength. It's actually working alright atm, but no doubt it'll play up again in the morning.

  karmgord 21:55 09 Dec 2009

You misunderstood my reply,
what i'm saying is the LCD telly does n't have a problem with the signal supplied as its tuner probably can work with a weaker signal than the Sony needs.
Check whether the problem occurs if a nieghbour starts his car or moped/motorbike or drives by.
To find signal strength the button you need on remote should show a green screen shape icon with a ? inside (look down leftside of remote,below button 6.
press,select setup (blue button)scroll down to detail setup,then select detail information

  PP321 20:26 10 Dec 2009

Karmgord is right.

Speaking as an ex sony tv technician, what he's saying is essentially correct.

Modern integrated TV's have much more sensitive tuners thusly requireing less signal to operate.

Think of old petrol engines an mpg rating against a new one, the old one, whilst working perfectly well, requires a lot more "juice" to achive the same results.

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