Old emails keep downloading on Gal. S3 Mini

  grahamalowe 13:59 23 Mar 2013


I'm new to the forum and to Android Phones. I have the Galaxy S3 mini which is set to download emails from my POP3 Sky account. I have no problem with getting new emails but I like to keep my inbox empty. When I open the empty email inbox the phone insists on filling it up with old messages. I am currently getting messages from June last year!! Is there a setting I am missing to stop this or do I have to carry on til I've emptied the inbox at Sky!! I don't have Much download on contract and worry this is using capacity needlessly. Any help/advice would be most welcome.

Many thanks


  v1asco 19:17 27 Mar 2013

I had a similar problem with addresses. I think it was to do with synching. I turned off all synching then went to my main account, Hotmail, and changed, deleted or added so that it was in effect a master copy of my emails and addresses. I then went to every mobile or tablet, cleared all previous email and addresses then turned on synch, and all was updated how I liked it. It is not as long winded as it sounds.

  grahamalowe 19:56 27 Mar 2013

Brilliant. Thanks for that. will try out asap. I thought my Blackberry was complicated but the Galaxy is giving me a headache!! Not as bad as the headache from my wifes iPhone though but thats a different story.

Thanks again for the tip


  v1asco 02:19 28 Mar 2013

Hope it works. Ì have the s3 and it does seem strange at first still finding things after 6 months. Same goes for my Samsung tablet.

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