Now what a whizz bang idea- if only more were

  jack 10:13 01 Dec 2009

Like that![but perhaps there are]
A recently acquired secondhand desktop needed the optical drive changed.[ To a burner]
1st job - take the side panels off
fastened not by the familiar three on the back plane ,but by six on the panel its self.

Philips head - so give a twist to each- Nothing the screws did not come out though would only give a quarter turn, gave the panel a jiggle and off it came.
The screws are captive- no grovelling on the floor for one one those.
When time allows will have do look deeper into the entrails- case all aluminium, data cable not the usual 'flatty' but individual wires in a silken tube, what other wonders hide there in?

  Diemmess 18:26 05 Dec 2009

Dzus fasteners are captive but need only 1/4 turn to open. Very normal for light aircraft engine covers since ancient times

My current Novatec PC has two specially knurled capped screws to release a side panel and full access to the innards. So easy and nothing hidden.

Early PCs often had an inverted U-shaped lid and two sides in steel, almost guaranteed to need 3 hands and be oblivious to the pain of pinched fingers. It often needed a small sack of screws to open/close properly.

Worst, though a Mac engineer, near wrecked an HP PC failing to open its case and muttering about a missing key.
After the event I pulled the front off and turned some clip or other. I had to make up replacement bits of plastic to allow the start and reboot buttons to work.

He could be excused because he was only trying to help my (G.Designer) daughter with her son's problem PC
He had a maintenance contract with her and all his expertise was Mac orientated.

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