Non HDD Blu-ray recorder

  awest3 16:06 14 Jan 2012

Does anyone make an Blu-ray dvd recorder without a HDD.? At the moment I use a Sky HD box and standard DVD recorder to copy my wife's craft programs to. She can then watch them on her computer.

I'd like a blu-ray recorder to watch films on but dont need a HDD and the subsequent extra costs and connections.

Thanks Al

  Terry Brown 20:47 14 Jan 2012

The point with Blue Ray is you can play standard DVD on it, as well as HDD, If you do not want HDD then what is the point of having a HDD machine.

A standard film recorded on a DVD will not play in HDD format, the same as an old film on TV will not be in HD format although it will play through a HD connection, and you may get a slightly better vision.


  awest3 22:24 14 Jan 2012

I think we may be getting our terminology mixed up... By HDD I meant 'Hard Disk Drive' not High Definition which I think is usually abbreviated to HD not HDD.

Sorry for any confusion.

  awest3 08:38 15 Jan 2012

Not pointless for me.. I already have a sky box for recordings and on demand content. !

What I don't want are extra cost for the HDD and the extra connections I would need.

The standard DVD recorder I have works perfectly to record the odd DVD. I would just like to add Blu-ray capability.

  dms_05 09:16 15 Jan 2012

I think Beta has a valid point and many recorders now have a LAN connection for on demand video. The industry has standardised on a Freeviw Blu-ray with HDD recorder and I've not seen any freestanding Freeview Blu-ray recorders. So whilst you may have a niche demand for the latter these seem to be not offered. If you want to just watch pre-recorded Blu-ray films at 1080p then why not buy a Blu-ray player (which will do this) and keep your existing DVD Recorder for you wife's recordings.

  awest3 10:39 15 Jan 2012

Thanks for this...It's an option we'd thought about but did not want the extra device if at all possible. To use a Blu-ray HDD device I think would have to have extra connectivity e.g. the cables which I use for sky at the moment. I may be able to loop from one device to the other but as I already have On demand/sky/internet I was hoping that a simple Ble-ray recorder would be sufficient.

My other option is to move the dvd recorder into the dining room (already has sky and internet) and buy a blu-ray player. Not ideal as my wife likes to watch her craft programs, first off, in the lounge. So I would have to record all the craft programs (there are lots believe me) in both room initially then copy the ones she wants to watch on her computer to disk.

Thanks to eveyone for their comments, it looks like the recorder without HDD is not an option.. best laid plans etc. etc.

  john bunyan 21:39 17 Jan 2012

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