Nokia/02 security codes

  Chris the Ancient 12:52 23 Nov 2007

I have two Nokia phones...

A 6021 for work and
Avery battered, old but faithful 6310 that kicks around for personal use.

Both have O2 contract SIM cards in them.

Both have call duration/counter facilities in them - not that I care that much about them.

One evening, with nothing better to do, I tried clearing these counters - with no success. They asked for a security code. Now, I have never set a code for these; but checking through the SIM card info and user guide for the 6310, I can't find what the default code is for this second tier security.

Is there one? Does anyone know it, please?

  @[email protected]!c 16:26 23 Nov 2007

when i cleared my phone it asked fora code i used the default code which is 0000 unless you change it..hope it helps kind regards akanic

  Chris the Ancient 17:45 23 Nov 2007

Tried the code...

Didn't work :-((

It looks as though there could be a code of up to 10 digits! Gulp. I know I didn't set one for my personal phone At least I'm pretty sure I didn't. The SIM card for my 'business' phone came after another user had used it and as the phone came with no other security features set, I assume that the unlock code hadn't been set there.

  @[email protected]!c 20:26 23 Nov 2007

are you sure its just to clear counters?
the only codes i know that long is a puk code or simular have a look here click here
should sort you out :) kind regards akanic

  Chris the Ancient 22:37 23 Nov 2007

Sorry for the delay. The Chardonnay and dinner called.

Yup, I do mean just the counters. I needed the PUK once when a certain member of the family tried too many codes on the basic security code that I used and locked the phone out. And then again when I lost the phone, thought it had been stolen, reported it to O2, found the phone and needed to re-enable it.

Looks like I shall just have to put up with it; but I was just curious.

  Forum Editor 22:48 24 Nov 2007

should be 12345.

Try it.

  @[email protected]!c 07:54 25 Nov 2007

quite right f.e must of been thinking of something else for the code .. regards akanic

  Chris the Ancient 15:46 25 Nov 2007

Just managed to catch up.

It worked!

Many thanks.


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