Nokia Xpress Music 5800

  Crosstrainer2 16:17 17 Sep 2011

This is driving me crazy. The Nokia mentioned in the title is an old phone that I would like to pass on to a friend. Fine so far. It is locked to o2, so I contacted them asking for the unlock codes.

Five day's later, an email with two codes arrived, along with the key presses required to input them.

Code one...didn't work. Code two didn't work either, so thinking they had sent me the wrong codes I emailed them again asking for assistance.

This afternoon they emailed me the same codes which do not work.

Is this a case of taking to someone on a market stall to unlock? I'm still with 02 and see no reason to leave them, but the customer service when it comes to things like this appears to be sorely lacking.

Anybody have any ideas?

  Woolwell 20:17 19 Sep 2011

See Unlock and the warning in red.

  Crosstrainer2 09:17 20 Sep 2011


Thanks, but that's what I've been doing :)) were it says "CODE" in your link it means enter the valid code for the phone. o2 have supplied me with 2 but neither works. They say the phone is unlocked, but if that was the case I wouldn't see the o2 welcome screen on boot up (which I do)

I'm going to try it with my friends VM sim in it at the weekend....He is going to have the phone anyway, I was concerned that if he started using it without it being unlocked, I would get billed for his data usage.

Since I use an iPhone now, I don't want 2 bills for data. since o2 have stated that its unlocked, I have recourse if they try to charge me for his data usage!

  Woolwell 11:08 20 Sep 2011

It was the warning in red that I was worried about. You could end up with a locked up phone.

  Lio 12:53 21 Sep 2011

As far as I know, (may be wrong though)unlocking does not remove the software. I have an unlocked 5800 xpress music phone which shows the Orange logo on startup.

  Crosstrainer2 05:46 22 Sep 2011


You may well be right....I haven't had a "Locked" phone for some time. The Nokia was the last one I had prior to my iPhone (which I purchased from Apple)

Hopefully it will work with my friends sim card in it!

  lindastone6020 07:38 26 Sep 2011

in my opinion, you had better to say goodbye to your old phone.if you can't unlock your phone, in fact, you can ask the related phone suppliers for help.

  Muergo 17:32 15 Oct 2011

I agree with Lio, I have two unlocked phones done in Staines market for a fiver each, but both show the Orange logo on startup but they are running on Vodafone SIMs.

I just make sure I have backed up onto PC any contacts lists photos etc but needn't have bothered, unlock didn't lose them.

  Paulius55 09:11 16 Dec 2011

The phone may well be unlocked but it is still branded to O2. There is another set of procedures that you can do, for free, fairly easily to get rid of the branding and set the phone to a standard 5800. Just Google for Nokia 5800 Debranding and you will get plenty of hits. I debranded my 5800 from Orange to standard and the added benefit is that it frees the phone up for the firmware to be more easily updated. I have updated the firmware to 60 and there are significant improvements gained by doing this.

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