Nokia Lumia 620 and alternatives

  HAYP 17:41 17 Mar 2013

Hello, wondering if anyone can give some knowledge/advice:

I have just bought one of these, and am unconvinced - my questions are can the things I'm not happy with be changed, and is there another phone I would be better off with?

It's my first smartphone.

I need to be able to access emails and travel update services (such as national rail enquiries), and I want to do so quickly and reliably. Being able to listen to music - again, quickly and reliably - is good too. I'm not bothered about youtube, it would be nice to have the option but I rarely use it. What attracted me to the Lumia was good reviews of these basic functions (and good reviews of the screen and speed) and also the maps it has - I like them.

What I did not expect was all the other stuff which I do NOT need to be there automatically (in my naivety I expected a phone to be, first and foremost, a phone, which this is not). It feels more like a computer than a phone, and I'm having difficulty with the basic PHONE aspect of it.

I haven't worked out how to send a text to more than one person, forward a text or create contact groups.

The text notification is disappointingly small and inconspicuous - very bad, as I mostly use my phone for texts.

The notification alert system is difficult to manage, I'm not sure how to get it to tell me things (such as text messages/emails coming in) unless I put volume or vibrate on, neither of which I want.

Facebook - I want to be ABLE to access it from my phone, but I don't want or need it automatically there all the time.

Everything else it can do - I don't think I need or want, can't imagine me using it really. I definitely don't need everything integrated, or connected to everything else.

I want my phone to be a phone, and my computer a computer.

So basically - is there another handset, which would be a bit simpler but do the basic things WELL (not too slow, decent screen, emails) - but without the fancy stuff?

Or do I get used to it/try to tame my Nokia? (I also want something which will last, I don't want to have to replace it in a year's time)

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