No video on MP3 video in .amv

  fulbourn 12:02 11 Oct 2006

I have converted .avi files to .amv format with the conversion tool but the MP3 player will only play the audio track. I've tried all combination of settings but the screen will not display the video track. The video track plays correctly in the converter-tool's window.

  sean-278262 19:49 11 Oct 2006

You never said what settings you used, what programs you converted in or what you are playing it back in. Therefore it will have to be generic feedback from us. However I assume you are using WMP and that only has some basic codecs installed. However try VLC. Very little it wont play

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  fulbourn 13:29 12 Oct 2006

I appreciate how little information I gave you.

After about 20 hours, I think I found a way to make it all work:-

1.Take my original .avi file

2.Use a program to convert the .avi to .mpg

3. Use another program to convert the .mpg to .amv

4. Copy the .amv file to the mp3 player.

I was able to use all the default settings.

Can you think of a quicker way?

  sean-278262 14:30 12 Oct 2006

Well telling me what I asked for in the first place would help me out. This being a field I am highly into means for me to give decent help I need all of the above. What you are doing is transcoding. Once will see a small loss of data and quality but 3 times is going to be shoddy at best.

Tell me the details of what you have, what I asked for above and what you want and I can help

  fulbourn 08:14 13 Oct 2006

I would appreciate further assistance!

I want to transfer .avi clips to my MP3 player.

My MP3 player will only accept 'movies' in .amv format.

I'm using Xilisoft Video converter to convert from .avi to .mpg.

I then use AMV Converter Tool to convert the newly-created .mpg file to .amv

I am then able to copy the .amv file to my MP3 player in which I can then view and listen to the original video clip.

I don't think there is any more I can tell you (that I'm aware of).


  saundog 20:34 22 May 2007

if u got your problem sorted can u relay that help my way,as i have exact same problem.thanks saundog

  JoeC 15:59 23 May 2007

click here

It seems to be free and what you are looking for.

  JoeC 16:01 23 May 2007

it seems you can convert directly from avi to amv without using Xilisoft.

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