No signal problem

  patti21 13:05 28 Sep 2008

I have been using an indoor aerial with my samsung tv and it has worked fine for months (I get the occasional breakup of picture) Last night, it just wont work wherever I position it, I just keep getting a 'no signal' from my tv. This is strange because its been working fine. Could anyone please shed any light on this/ advise what I can do? many thanks.

  Wilham 14:23 28 Sep 2008

My immediate reactions...

(i) Pull out the aerial and push it back in.

(ii) Check if the aerial has built-in battery amplifier. If so, change battery.

iii) Test with a borrowed aerial, or even try a length of wire.

(iv) See if I'm still under guarantee.

  patti21 15:00 28 Sep 2008

Many thanks for your help. I have just noticed that the where the aerial cable attaches to the base it has broken the solder connection inside somehow and I was able to pull the cable it straight out, this would explain my problem. So looks like I need a new aerial. I generally have a good reception (high up here) and the aerial was called 'an all in one' what would you recommend as a good aerial please? Many thanks.

  Wilham 16:49 28 Sep 2008

Glad you've found the fault.

Can you unplug from the tv and look at the connection on the kitchen table. Undo the base screws? There are two leads (one the coax sheath?) and carefully peeling back insulation you might enable you to rejoin the one broken.

Aerial wires are at earth voltage and carry negligible current, a bare wire join or a paperclip might bridge the gap? Otherwise, buy a cheap replacement. We are in a period of changing TV coverage, and signal strengths of terrestrial digital will improve all round as analog fades away.

  patti21 17:04 28 Sep 2008

Thank you Wilham. I'm afraid its not the end you plug into the tv. its the other end coming from the base of the areial itself. I was able to pull the wire clean out of the base and the wires have become unsoldered. I dont know how it happened, moving it around to pick up weakening signals most likely. Anyway, thankyou once again for your kind help and advice. If I could open the base unit myself I would try and fix it but its a moulded unit...

  Wilham 17:22 28 Sep 2008

Ah well, it's not a major setback. By the way, new freeserve channels come up and it's worth updating your tv to those available, via menu.

Bye, W

  Diemmess 12:07 02 Oct 2008

The aerial gizmo is a moulded unit with a 'foot' to it and the cable should disappear into the base?

You have nothing to lose except skin and your temper! So try poking a sharp screwdriver along where there may be a seam which was perhaps friction welded.

If you can get the case open, then a neat fixing following the original arrangement should be possible.
Do try and avoid a clumsy twist of the cable and screen sleeve.
There is no risk of shock or blowing things up, but no chance of it working well at the very high frequencies it tunes, unless nicely done.
A badly made (non coaxial) joint is so lossy that you wont get a worthwhile signal through it!

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