No picture on pc input on Samsung Digital Tv

  boomhaueruk 09:21 14 Dec 2007

Hi, I've just bought a Samsung 37" Tv (an LE37R87BDX).

I'm trying to plug an Apple Mac Mini into the pc port using the VGA adapter, but it won't display.

A few things:

1) The picture flicks up for a second or so then the t.v. seems to go into standby

2) It does the same thing with an Apple powerbook 12"

3) It works beautifully using my sisters borrowed Mesh PC running XP, no matter what the resolution.

4) If I plug the macs in using a different adapter and an rgb cable (using the yellow video one) if shows up fine, albeit with a border in 1024x768.

5) the mac mini and the powerbook display through the same cable on my sisters borrowed 19" monitor.

6) Lastly, both macs detect a SAMSUNG monitor and change the resolution (correctly, I think) to 1360x768 at 60Hz.

I've tried everything I can think of, logging it in the apple forums, changing the resolution, powering the tv on and off, dropping the frequency, swapping the vga cable, nothing I do works.

Help! Is this a fault with the Samsung?
Or does the samsung just not work with macs (and if so, why? It's picking up the right settings, I think...)

  dms05 16:20 14 Dec 2007

Just to add a bit of knowledge - I also have the same TV and I confirm my Acer laptop (Aspire 5003) drives my Samsung without a problem using VGA input. The Samsung handbook confirms you are using the correct resolution settings. It also only refers to setting the PC mode for XP.

XP has monitor settings that allow you to chose the Samsung as Primary or Additional screen and also the ability to use the 2 screens as an extension of each other and view part of the desktop on each screen - moving the cursor takes it to the other screen when the appropriate position is reached.

  100andthirty 16:54 14 Dec 2007

I have had problems connecting Macs to projectors. As you've verified the TV and the cable, it must be a setting in the Mac - perhaps something to turn on external monitors?

  boomhaueruk 16:56 14 Dec 2007

So are we saying the display just doesn't work with macs?
Why would that be?

I can boot the mac into windows Xp (using boot camp) and it still won't display, so I'm not sure it's the operating system.

  boomhaueruk 17:07 14 Dec 2007

Ah, ok, 100andthirty, though I have tried nigh on every setting I can find and I think it does detect the monitor ok.

Plus, surely it would then work in boot camp running windows...

  MCE2K5 02:11 15 Dec 2007

Found this, Try it, It might work.

"connect mac to plasma tv
im trying to connect my mac to an lg plasma. i have lowered the resolution, lowered the hertz and changed the color mode.
it all worked fine until i restarted the mac. then i got a no signal message on the tv.
connected back up to a moniter checked the settings and all had saved except the resolution which had reset back to a higher setting.
do i need to download a driver for the tv?

you dont need a driver ,
try pressing the fn + f7 button (with the 2 rectangles)"

  boomhaueruk 12:07 16 Dec 2007

Thanks for the suggestion MCE2K5, that's appears to be a shortcut to 'switch displays' (ie to switch between two monitors).
It doesn't do anything in this instance. Presumably because I've only got the one monitor attached.
But nice idea!

  dms05 16:33 16 Dec 2007

I'm not sure you should expect an XP emulation on a Mac to behave like XP when it comes to controlling hardware. After all the Mac is only emulating to run MS software. I sure Apple don't claim they are completely transforming a Mac into a PC.

  boomhaueruk 18:30 16 Dec 2007

Hi, Dms05, are you saying you think it's all the different mac hardwares that are stopping the Samsung displaying the mac's?

That just seems really odd, I mean, the powerbook is a G4 motherboard machine from 3/4 years ago and that doesn't work and the mac mini is on an intel motherboard from 12 months back. They aren't very similar, technically.

Yet neither displays, but 2 similarly diverse pcs (a year old mesh with an nvidia chipset and an 8 year old IBM thinkpad with an S3 graphics card), both fine.

I just was hoping there would be a solution.

  rm356 00:17 18 Dec 2007

Just to confirm that you are not crazy... I am having the exact same issue with a Samsung 50" Plasma. According to SwitchResX, I have all of the exact same specifications as listed in the Samsung manual - right down to the polarity. I've also had immediate success with a windows XP based laptop. I was hoping it was just the DVI-VGA adapter, but I think your scenario sounds way too familiar for it to just be that. Just to add to the story... I am able to connect the same mac mini to a Dell LCD monitor without problems - so there is something about the mac-Samsung integration that is not working. If I figure anything out I'll post here.

  stealth 19:01 22 Dec 2007

Hi all just read this thread as I am about to purchase 17" powerbook and intend to use it with my Samsung 32" tv. I was concerned but i have just tried a friends 15" powerbook and it worked by pressing the f7 key and using the vga adaptor.

With the first press it showed the desktop logo full screen without the icons or mouse, second press showed mouse icons etc with a 14x9 aspect ratio which displayed on both mac and tv at the same time!

I am personally releived it worked, I know this does not help you as such, unless it points to your mac or tv having a fault!!

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