Nintendo rethinks the game controller

  Matthew Bath 12:17 16 Sep 2005

Hi all

So, any thoughts on Nintendo's 'future of gaming'?

Full story:

Nintendo will offer a game controller with its upcoming Revolution games console that is drastically different from those used in previous consoles.

The controller looks a little like a television remote control and will allow people to play games with just one hand, said Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo during a keynote speech at the Tokyo Game Show, which opened on Friday near Tokyo.


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Hummm, revolutionary?

Matthew Bath
Digital World

  Pooke 12:48 16 Sep 2005

Appearance wise it's a step backwards. Don't think it'll catch on, a novelty at first maybe.

And the winner of the console market? well not Nintendo anyway.


  Thalmus 12:53 16 Sep 2005

Nintendo lost there dominance in the home console market to sony in the late 1990's due to over pricing

More recently it looks like they are going to lose the handheld market to sony again because of the highly advanced PSP compared to the gimmicky Nintendo ds.

This controller just looks like another one of there gimmicks, revolutionary would not be the word i would use. In a world where games require more and more buttons to be able to play, Nintendo have created a controller that looks like that only your thumbs are going to be doing the work and with the buttons spread far out on the remote it doesn't look like it will be good for face paced games.

At their height nintendo conquered all through superior technology, now it looks like they are just relying on gimmicks.

Such a shame to see the fall of a once masive giamt.

  Matthew Bath 13:48 16 Sep 2005

Well, it certainly is interesting -- though a bit hmmmm for my liking.

Certainly, I like the technology behind it -- wireless motion detection means if you wave it around, you control the on-screen action. Think how a lightsabre fight in a Starwars game would pan own! Also, you can plug in additional controller parts, such as a regular analogue controller, for other games.

Still... games are meant to be played two-handed, right?

So, which will rule: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 (out here on December 2), ore Revolution?

BTW, the first issue of Digital World incldues an in-depth look at all three!

Best regards

Matthew Bath
Digital World

  Thalmus 13:54 16 Sep 2005

good plug

  Matthew Bath 14:21 16 Sep 2005

Hi Thamus

[winks]: well, thought it would be worth a shot!

Actually, I've had an invite to see and use an actual PlayStation 3 development workstation -- a dev kit -- and to get some hands-on time with a few work-in-progress games. Could be really interesting!

What interests me most, though, is the role next-gen consoles are going to play in the home. With Xbox 360 delivering HD support, a Media Center-centric operating system, and wireless support, could this be the first, real take-up of Media Centers? Or, are people going to get them just for the games...?

All this, and more, in the first issue of Digital World...

[end of last-ever shameless plug!]

Best regards

Matthew Bath
Digital World

  Thalmus 14:45 16 Sep 2005

Microsoft is trying to get their media pc to take off so it is no surprise that the Xbox 360 comes with this feature.

I don’t have much knowledge of Media centre but all it seems to be is a PC with a TV card stuck in it and you can get the same results with most TV card software. So why the need for a whole new o/s?

There needs to be defining lines between what consoles, PC’s and media centre PC’s do, otherwise it is just going to confuse the consumer and may end up with two pieces of hardware which does the same thing and results in a waste of money

Gaming consoles should juat be that, a platform which specialises in games.

  interzone55 15:38 16 Sep 2005

I used to have a fantastic joystick for my Amiga, it sat in the palm of my hand, had a very short sick on to that was operated by my thumb and 2 buttons on the side operated by the index & second finger.
It was a work of art, but obviously useless to left-handed users

  Thalmus 15:49 16 Sep 2005

hah yeah, i had one of those too, the little black and blue thing?

It lasted alot longer than those big joysticks, which broke very easy

  wolfie3000 19:08 16 Sep 2005

the controller looks awfull i still prefer joypads kids that have used joypads wont like it i think consoles should be just that consoles not trying to be media centres playing games are what consoles do best.

  Skills 22:53 16 Sep 2005

I dont like the look of that controller or the idea of it. I don't think it would be a controller that I would like to use for an extended gaming stint. As was said with the ammount of buttons needed on some games now I don't think a single handed controller would cut it.

As for if consoles should become more media centre like I am in two minds. Firstly they are games consoles and so this should be there main function no doubt about it. But the latest consoles are getting a higher and higher price tag and so I think adding some more functions into them are a good idea why not have your games console double up as an mp3 player etc. Games consoles are quiter than the PC and so are more suited to a media centre type device i think.

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