Nintendo DS LIte

  Marko797 10:50 17 Jan 2009

Wife has one of these, and she has been told that apparently u can buy & download legal stuff from Nintendo to ur computer for use on the DS Lite. That bit I'm OK with.

My question is, how can u then get it from the computer onto the DS Lite machine?

Can someone tell me what I need to get and how to work it? I'm guessing I need a memory card of sorts but not sure what type, or how this will fit into the DS Lite.

Grateful for any advice.

  Giant68 16:47 17 Jan 2009

You need something along the lines of this:

click here


  Marko797 12:25 18 Jan 2009

Thanks for the info. Do I plug this into my PC USB, transfer the Game, then insert it somehow into the DS Lite?

  dagnammit 19:40 18 Jan 2009

Edge card click here

I can thoroughly recommend that site. We've used them several times now and no complaints!

  dagnammit 19:41 18 Jan 2009

PS. Those other cards are just as good. We use the DSTT card wich is even cheaper.

  Marko797 19:58 18 Jan 2009

cheers. Your suggestion seems the same as Giant68's, but his has the SD card with it.

Still lost as to how info is transferred from PC to NDS Lite.

How does the card fit into the PC? USB?

And does the card then slot into the NDS Lite?

Sorry for being thick on this.

  dagnammit 23:55 18 Jan 2009

Micro SD card into computer... then put micro sd card into the ds card.

The Amazon one still works out more expensive...

  Marko797 10:27 19 Jan 2009

OK, so the micro sd card goes into NDS... got it.

But the link u kindly provided says;

Contents: Edge Cartridge, USB Card Reader
Additional Requirements: Micro-SD card (sold seperately).

Is it just the micro sd card which I need and NOT the USB card reader, then?

Apols for being dense.

  dagnammit 00:41 23 Jan 2009


You can pick up a 2GB for a fiver at most places.

I use the DSTT cards from that pcjerry site and just buy my micro sd cards from

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