NiMH batteries - what's the difference?

  numskull 10:10 27 Sep 2007

My DECT phones take 550mAH batteries but what is the difference between those and say 1000mAH?

  Pamy 15:34 27 Sep 2007

Just the capacity as far as I can see (twicw as much)

  Pamy 15:35 27 Sep 2007

twicw = twice

  numskull 16:05 27 Sep 2007

Does that mean they are too powerful or just last longer?

  dagbladet 16:15 27 Sep 2007

Last longer.

  numskull 16:30 27 Sep 2007

No wonder the ones I have don't last very long!

  Stuartli 18:11 27 Sep 2007

The higher the mAH figure the longer the battery or batteries will last/deliver their rated output; they will also, obviously, take longer to charge up.

If you have one of the older NiMH battery chargers you may need to switch it off and on again once or twice to ensure a full recharge.

Mine displays a red light whilst charging and green when on tickle charge - the red light will come on again two or three times before the batteries have been fully recharged.

When I bought it, the maximum capacity of NiMH batteries was around 1300mAH; over time I moved onto 1800 and then 2500mAH versions.

  Pamy 15:13 28 Sep 2007

Just a warning word if you are now thinking of buying larger capacity battiers for your phone, they may not help as the phone charging unit will probably only be capable of charging to full the original ones.

  lisa02 15:27 28 Sep 2007

Charge them in a normal charger, did you get one when you bought the replacement batteries?

  Pamy 17:19 28 Sep 2007

even then lisa02 you have to ensure the normal charger will charge the capacity that you buy

  rdave13 19:14 28 Sep 2007

'Charge them in a normal charger'. Tried that and they were dead as a dodo.

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