Nikon D80 or Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3

  vincent33 14:17 18 Jul 2007

Maybe this has already been posted. But I would like to know which camera would fill my needs better. I am a freelance photographer and I do mostly portraits and weddings without much need for cropping. But with freelance assignments, you never know what you might come up. I don't need a million features on a camera but at the same time, I would like to have the features that apply to what I'm doing. These are the two cameras I had in mind. According to the reviews i found at click here the Nikon D80 is ranked higher. What do you think?

  Stuartli 16:12 18 Jul 2007

In view of the importance of your reason for using either of these cameras, you should seek to try out both and handle them to discover ease of use and practicality.

I'm sure that you don't need advising that you should also take as many shots as possible with both cameras and compare the results carefully, before a definite decision.

  ^wave^ 16:54 18 Jul 2007

in my mind it has to be the d80 far better choice plus you can use multiple lenses

  Kate B 19:20 18 Jul 2007

I've got a D80 and I love it. Is the Lumix a DSLR? I don't think it is. Go for the DSLR every time - you have much more control over the images as you take them, you can shoot in RAW and as ^wave^ points out, you can use different lenses. But surely if you're a professional photographer you know this? I must say if I'd paid a snapper to shoot my wedding I'd be a bit miffed if he turned up with a point-and-shoot.

  Stuartli 20:48 18 Jul 2007

The Panasonic might have a Leica lens and be an excellent digital camer, but it is, as Kate B suggests, a point-and-shoot.

As someone who did many a wedding professionally I certainly wouldn't turn up with a camera that might only be equal, if not inferior, to those of some of the guests...:-)

Pansonic does do DSLRs - perhaps you have the wrong model number?

click here

  Stuartli 20:51 18 Jul 2007

Nikon has been making superb cameras and lenses for many years - Panasonic is a fledgling in this particular area, so originally teamed up with Leica to ensure it had a fighting chance of being successful.

  ^wave^ 08:07 19 Jul 2007

technoligy has changed a great deal but i used to do weddings and i used a square format camera 35mm wasnt really good enough then. i also agree that panasonic are fledgling in the camera business stick with a camera manufacture.

  Stuartli 08:45 19 Jul 2007

Panasonic (a division of Matsushita) makes excellent - and, in some cases, innovative - digital cameras; it has emphatically made its mark in electronics and set out its stall to be a similar force in digital photography.

Matsushita formed the partnership to combine its digital and electronics knowledge with Leica's optical expertise.

The tie up with Leica came exactly six years ago this month and ended a similar arrangement Leica had with Fuji; again the aim was to produce cameras sold under both brand names.

Fuji was the first Japanese film and camera manufacturer to realise the impact that digital photography was about to make and planned around it.

The final Leica model from its Fuji partnership was a Digilux 4.3, which was based on the Fuji 4700z.

  ^wave^ 15:52 19 Jul 2007

i have just brought a new camera and everyones needs are different i got a canon a640 great all rounder i think. now up until the last camera i always got olympus cameras and always got good pics. last one i got was a fuji, and to be honest it never gave consistant results so i was a bit disapointed. but now im back to good pics again the only mistakes are mine so iam pleased and i can always learn by my mistakes

  freaky 11:32 20 Jul 2007

I recently purchased a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8 from Camerabox. It looks very much like a Digital SLR and has RAW mode.

A friend of mine who is a professional photo journalist, had a look at it and was very impressed. The results I have had so far are excellent.

The basic camera cost £189, but I also bought a carry case, 2GB SD and spare battery.

Camerabox also include an extra 1-years free insurance in addition to the manufacturers warranty.

  roy 15:00 20 Jul 2007

See here for a review of the D80. Also you may consider the Nikon D40x which has the same resolution but is selling at about £450 (Jessops have it for £430 approx online) but also with £60 cash back from Nikon!!

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