Night photography

  john bunyan 18:24 20 Jul 2008

I used to take still night scenes using film- say 400ASA at 4 mins at2.8 appature, or ASA1600 for 2-3 mins. Does Digital work on time exposures at night (not with infra red)? If so what is the equivalent ASA number? (hssutton - are you there?)

  hssutton 21:14 20 Jul 2008

Treat digital exactly as you would film, there really is no difference. However depending on the camera used you may experience noise (film grain) at 400 ISO or higher. No one uses the term ASA anymore, but the values are the same as ISO.

Obviously you need a camera that will allow manual settings and or "bulb". Just go out and shoot photos as you did with film, but with one benefit, you can review the result immediately and adjust your setting if required.

You may find that on long exposures that your image may suffer from "hot" pixels. This would show as white specks on a dark/black background. If there are not too many "hot" pixels they can be removed very easily in an image editor.

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  john bunyan 08:52 21 Jul 2008

hssutton. Thanks so much for yor prompt response!! Thes forums are great when experts like you are around!!JB

  Quickbeam 19:54 21 Jul 2008

Do the same rules of reciprocity law failure apply to the sensor the same as with film?
Or do you need to experiment with a digital sensor?

  hssutton 21:05 21 Jul 2008

The short answer is no, but noise can be a problem, even though you get instant feedback via the LCD it's still worth bracketing, especially as no extra cost is involved.

The other benefit of bracketing is that you can blend the plus and minus images together to get even better control over the highlight and shadow detail

  Quickbeam 22:37 21 Jul 2008

I'll have to have a play with that technique, I haven't done any very long exposures for 20 years...

  peter99co 19:53 22 Jul 2008

What wonderful words you snappers use. I know what you are talking about but I am a bit of a shoot and scoot merchant. I will have to get out me old tripod and anchor it down with the camera bag!

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