new tv set up help needed

  dean4travel 21:15 14 Dec 2005

completly new to this - much help needed - just bought new panasonic lcd tv currently running signal through digital satelite box 4 years old now sky+- picture on old tube tv was fine but new tv which is hd ready looks sometimes a bit dodgy especially when watching close up of peoples skin - think it maybe my connections -using a gold coloured scart lead about 4 years old - also maybe be receiver or that connection to dish- any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
thinking of upgrading cables to see if picture better- then when sky changes to hd box will upgrade to that.

  oresome 19:40 17 Dec 2005

Sorry to sound negative, but all the LCD / Plasma TV's I've viewed in shops seem poor on flesh tones compared with a good CRT TV.

Doubt that changing the peripherals will make any difference if they produced good results with the old set up.

Try complaining to the retailer.

  amonra 11:19 18 Dec 2005

Sales assistants in TV retail outlet shops tend NOT to mention the loss of the dynamic range of brightness and contrast when selling LCD TVs. It is not yet possible for an LCD screen to come anywhere near the picture quality of a CRT. They are great for general browsing, but for any serious, quality viewing, stick to the old CRT.

  Arnie 16:39 27 Dec 2005

with oresome and amonra.

Most sensibly priced LCD TVs seem to be this way.

It will be a long time before I will buy one.

  DieSse 17:25 27 Dec 2005

Whatever the merits or not of LCD TVs (I don't have one - still very happy with my CRT), I can assure you that poor skin tones will not be due to SCART cables, or the dish setup, or the cable to the dish - problems with any of those are quite different.

You could look at the picture settings in the Sky box and see if adjusting them makes any improvement - and no doubt you've tried all you can with the TV adjustements?

  Nickmax59 23:01 28 Dec 2005

Just got a Panasonic TV myself, Check that you have the right video settings eg. RGB, VHS-s etc.
They all have to be compatable

  Stuartli 20:10 29 Dec 2005

You surprise me.

I have a mate who sells LCD and plasma large screen TVs including Toshiba, Phrilips, Sharp, Samsung etc and all display excellent and accurate flesh tones.

In fact a 42in Toshiba LCD he got in just before Christmas (and which sold on the spot when it had only just been set up in the shop) had a stunning display, as good as a friend's 32in Sony LCD (acknowledged by the trade to produce the finest LCD TVs of the lot).

  24bitkid 23:05 29 Dec 2005

Don't be taken in with some of the pictures you see transmitting in stores selling LCD TV. These are digitally enhanced and are fed to certain models - thus making you think you are looking at real TV. Must say these enhanced pictures are superb.

I have just bought a Sony LCD TV (HD ready) and after a bit of fiddling with the settings, am very pleased with it.

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