New TV has 2 stuck pixels - Should I get a replace

  Anti_Virus 00:57 21 Jan 2009

Hi. On Saturday I bought a Panasonic TX32LZD85 32" Television from my local John Lewis. However, since then, I have noticed it has two stuck pixels. They're not dead, as they are both a magenta colour. One is in the bottom half a bit left of centre screen, close to the corner; and the other is bottom middle, just below the centre. They're only really noticeable during very white and bright scenes, and of course from up close (I mean about a few inches away).

So my question is this: Should I get a replacement TV from John Lewis? Seeing as the TV is not even a week old and already has 2 stuck pixels, and seeing as it's John Lewis, who have always been very good in the past in regards to returns, I don't really forsee a problem in actually getting a replacement. But will it be worth it? The TV has a 1080p screen, so has lots of pixels. I guess the chances are the next TV will have stuck pixels also? The only thing is that if this current TV has two stuck pixels already, who knows what it will be like in a years time - it could have ten? I just beleive that when you but a product brand new, and an expensive one at that, it should be in perfect condition, so it annoys me that it has a problem, however small.

I do have the Pixel Protector DVD ( click here ), that is supposed to be able to fix stuck pixels, but so far, it has been unsucessful. I've also tried the tapping techniques etc. but to no avail So should I continue with this DVD and hope? Or ring John lewis ASAP? This week will probably be the only oppoturnity to get a replacement without too many arguments, so it's now or never really. What I'm worried about though is the next TV having the same, or even bigger, problems, and then there being a long, dragged out afair of having to return several TV's before stumbling upon the perfect one.

What are you thoughts? I'm really unsure as to which path I should take, so any suggestions would be helpful.

  laurie53 09:29 21 Jan 2009

Don't know about stuck pixels, but a couple or more of dead pixels would not normally be regarded as grounds for replacement, though, as you say, it's John Lewis and they are normally very good.

  Anti_Virus 09:36 21 Jan 2009

Hi. Yeah I know that shops are a bit funny about refunds/replacements when it comes to dead and stuck pixels, but as it's the first week, and it's John Lewis, don't think ther'll be a problem, especially if I argue about it. But what I am worried about is that, with so many pixels, is it worth getting a replacement, as the next one might have some too, or even worse, backlight bleed. What would you do if you bought a new TV and it had two defective pixels?

  Proclaimer 09:40 21 Jan 2009

but not expect to get one as manufacturers have their own policy on dead pixels and 2 maybe too few dead pixels for a return. Then if I did get the replacement, yippee.

  Anti_Virus 09:47 21 Jan 2009

So you wouldn't be worried your next TV might have stuck pixels as well? Because that's the only thing holding me back - the prospect that the next TV will have a defect. Otherwise I'll ring today to test the waters on JL's return policy.

  Marko797 11:41 21 Jan 2009

If it's bothering u so much (& it probably is bcos u know the dead pixels are there), then why not give JL a ring? I can understand totally that u want a defect free TV, as it's brand new and u've just bought it less than a week ago. I think I'd be the same.

As u have said, they are very good on returns and have excellent customer care, but u need to act quickly. That's one of the reasons ppl like JL.

If they agree to the replacement, u could also ask, 'well what if the new one has defective pixels?' and see what their response is.

  Anti_Virus 13:39 21 Jan 2009

Thanks for your reply. You're right - it is bothering me. While they're not noticeable during normal TV usage, just knowing that they're there is niggling at me. Like you said - when you buy a brand new TV, you want it in perfect condition. So, I took your advice and JL a ring. The lady on the phone is geeting someone from the TV Department to give me a ring back. I'll let you know what their response is. If they do indeed offer a replacement, I'll do what you suggest and make sure some sort of promise is made in regards to the next TV.

While the prospect of having to return and replace several TV's before I end up with the perfect one doesn't fill me with a warm feeling, I think I'm just going to take that risk. I paid for a product that I expect to be in perfect condition out of the box, so that is what I'll demand. Thanks for your replies everybody. Will let you know what happens.

  David4637 13:56 21 Jan 2009

Just because you have got 2 dead pixels it does NOT mean you will get any more. You may not get any more for "ever." You must insist when you phone that its not acceptable to you. Your ringing to ensure they have a replacement TV when you bring yours back. Ring ASAP. David

  Marko797 14:16 21 Jan 2009

David4637 is right insofar as you may not get dead pixels at all on the replacement.

However, "I paid for a product that I expect to be in perfect condition out of the box, so that is what I'll demand." might not be the right approach, at least initially. Ring them, & be courteous. You might get the result you want without whipping yourself up into a lather and coming across as being threatening. Hope it goes well, and let us know the outcome.

  Anti_Virus 14:36 21 Jan 2009

Hi David and Marko. I've just gotten off the phone with JL - very succesfull. They've arranged for a replacement TV to be sent to my address, as well as picking up the defective one at the same time. I'm chuffed with that, because I'd feared I might have to pack the thing up and take it in myself, as I had piked it up originally, and would have had to pay extra for delivery, so very please.

They really didn't put up a fight at all - they said they quite understood that due to it being in its first week it wasn't acceptable, and so they arranged the pickup and delivery. It's only a shame the earliest they could do was the 29th, but nothing could be helped with that. JL have shown me yet again why they are so reputable, and I thoroughly recommend them.

Oh and Marko, while I said "so that's what I'll demand" on here, it was nver my intention to go on the attack from the off. So don't worry; I was very courteous, and very pleased with the result :) We'll just have to wait and see what happens with the next one, but fingers are crossed.

Thanks for helping me make this decision. I was really in two minds about this, but you've all really helped me out, so thnaks.

I won't mark this as solved quite yet, because I'd like to report back on the replacement in a weeks time. Thanks again.

  Marko797 15:16 21 Jan 2009

pleased to hear u got it resolved.

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