New TV aspect ratio problem.

  ESTER 22:28 16 Feb 2008

Hello all,
The picture of new 19" lcd tv I have just bought seems to be streched, so that faces especially are far too long, the settings on the menu screen of the built-in freeview box do nothing to remedy the situation: ie the 14:9, Full,or Auto settings do not change anything. I experimented with my old digibox plugged in to the scart socket of the Tv, and the picture was perfect. I tried tuning in again, and the same problem persists with the built-in tuner.
Am I missing something.. Any suggestions please.

  MCE2K5 22:39 16 Feb 2008

It's in the TV Settings Menu, Something like Auto Wide or Super View.

  Computerdope 23:27 16 Feb 2008

There should be an aspect ratio button on the remote, try setting it to auto.

  laurie53 09:47 17 Feb 2008

Even if it is set to Auto, you may still find problems on certain programmes because the aspect code (sent by the broadcaster) is not right.

You will also find that adverts can cause it to go a bit haywire.

For most of the time mine sorts itself out but sometimes, particularly for old films on TCM, I have to set the aspect ratio manually.

  Stuartli 13:03 17 Feb 2008

I find the same as laurie53 even though the Auto setting is used.

My remote will cycle through the various aspect ratios if required and can easily be returned to the Auto setting.

  oresome 20:21 17 Feb 2008


You haven't said what aspect ratio the new TV is.

We have a similar problem with a 15" 4:3 LCD TV. Digital broadcasts can be viewed with the correct proportions and a black band top and bottom, or we can fill the screen, but the proportions are stretched.

Other devices we have are able to select the centre from a wide screen transmission and display it on a 4:3 TV utilising the full screen. Note that when I say devices, this means a STB or DVD recorder that feeds the TV via a scart socket.

The irony of the 15" TV is that we bought it to replace a 10" TV that was getting too small for our ageing eyes. We've now finished up with a similar sized picture in a larger frame!

  ESTER 23:39 17 Feb 2008

Hello folks,
Thanks for all replies, i still need to chat with your good selves, but i have tried three times to get a reply off tonight, thanks again for all concerned, but might just return set and buy a different make, not sure yet.
I'll see what tomorrow brings and let you know.

  ESTER 18:44 20 Feb 2008

Thanks again for all of your replies, but iv'e returned the set to John Lewis; who i might add were excellent in my dealings with them.
I was sorely tempted to keep the TV, but having to use two handsets seemed a retrograde step, so now i'll just have to read in bed instead of falling asleep in front of the telly.

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