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  ventanas 16:24 25 Jul 2008

Our TV, which is many years old is showing signs of giving up, so it's time for a new one. Trouble is I know absolutely nothing about the new type of flat screen LCD TV's.
Where we live we can only receive four analogue channels. No satellite, cable or Freeview, and no channel five.
But I do need to plan for the futute digital changeover, so basically would something like this work connected by aerial lead to existing HD DVD recorder and then by scart to TV. click here|category_root|Sound%2Band%2Bvision|9555142/c_2/2|cat_9555142|Televisions|9555309.htm
or would a set like this be suitable for a digital signal only.
Grateful for any advice. I have never used a set like this and as said know nothing about them.

  ventanas 16:26 25 Jul 2008

Sorry duff link

click here

  ventanas 16:30 25 Jul 2008

Sorry the HD in the dvd is hard drive and not high definition.

  Jim_F 17:03 25 Jul 2008

Hi Ventanas - I can't see how you will ever get digital signals without cable, freeview or satellite - is freeview from the terrestrial transmitters on the road-map ?

The TV you are looking at will work - its more a matter of how well it upscales the pictures available to you - most of which are and will continue to be from low definition sources.

I've been looking on similar lines but have seen wide variations in quality and don't have any pressure (my 28 inch widescreen CRT still works well).

A showroom demo would be ideal or search for feedback from purchasers such as: click here

  ventanas 17:10 25 Jul 2008

Thanks Jim_F, that TV was just an example, I will continue to look around. I have assumed with digital that when the switchover comes in 2012 we will be able to get it, albeit with an aerial upgrade.
Perhaps its best to go yo a store first and have a look.

  Stuartli 23:50 25 Jul 2008

Firstly, you will have to try very hard to beat a Panasonic LCD or plasma TV.

Secondly, when the changeover to digital is achieved in your area, you should receive very much higher signal transmission levels.

Thirdly, to make the most of HD you need a top class TV set with HDMI connections for Freesat, Blu-ray and similar devices to make the most of the high definition displays produced.

  Jim_F 22:37 26 Jul 2008

The freeview site should be able to tell you if and when you wil get digital terrestrial: click here

But there are blackspots where digital coverage cannot be achieved which is why satellite is also being used.

In terms of resolution/quality there is an interesting debate: click here - this may be a little over the top but if you want to hear all points of view its well worth a read !

  al7478 17:00 31 Jul 2008

"Thirdly, to make the most of HD you need a top class TV set... "

A Pioneer then...? ;)

  Stuartli 00:18 01 Aug 2008

Some of the Pioneer TV sets are, I'm given to understand, as good as if not better than the Panasonic in some areas.

However, as I don't have any means of checking this out personally due to lack of outlets in my area, I stick by my knowledge of the superb Panasonic offerings.

  al7478 00:57 01 Aug 2008

Good call. I just thought id have a wee joke as pioneers are really well liked over at the other place, for them who can afford them. i, alas, cant, and so when i go flat it will almost certainly be a panny.

  al7478 15:12 01 Aug 2008

Now, now, i hope you're not name-calling.

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